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you can use coconut oil or shortening- spectrum makes a very nice and not transfatty shortening. Also you can use earth balance or spectrum spreads- the regular versions are great for baking ,but pricey. i have to admit, i actually have been very successful at getting nice, fluffy biscuits with veggie oil. i keep it cold and add my 'milk' and oil at the very end, stir gently until just mixed, quickly turn out onto the counter and gently shape and bake. They turn out so...
i love these stories! Come to think of it, i think my dad encouraged this. i remember on long trips as a kid, my dad telling us to use our imagination to keep ourselves occupied. I remember that my sister and i would pretend to sign so that passersby thought there were two deaf girls in the car and my dad thought this was hilarious. We also would enact whole silent scenarios for our mobile audiences- fake fights, tears, the works.
if you are worried about pain, the ankle or any place without lots of muscle is more painful- in fact most of the places women tend to like to get tattoos are often harder to take.the upper calf area would be less painful and might cover a little more easily, however, its a limited time in pain, you will have the tattoo until you die, so in the end, that will make your decision.
Thanks wise ones. I have been trying to be non-judgmental. its been hard, because she knows it took my husband and i 6 years to have a child. if her husband didn't want this child, i have to admit, i would have said we would take him or her in a heartbeat. I do want to respect her right to not parent, if she doesn't feel it is the best choice, but i also am 'hearing' a lot of self talk that is just not in sync with reality- for example, she spent time with me and my...
i thought that was what the internet was for- i'm really a 12yo boy in singapore. you? no, really, i do, and on a very small scale i have- before i got married, i used to get my hair cut in random places, and i would 'embellish' my life in weird ways. but i always felt soo guilty for lying (although it was a rush while i did it), that i stopped.
what do i say? she is four months pregnant and i didn't even know it although we chat on fb every couple days(we both recently to different parts of the country from where we were neighbors). I guessed it from an offhand comment she made and pm-ed her. I gushed congratulations and although i said i knew they weren't planning anything like this, i knew it would be wonderful. Well, she accepted my congrats and we chatted about how she knew there some decisions she felt...
i'm in the same boat- my son is 10 mths old and started getting teeth a few wks ago and biting has started to be pretty common, esp at the end of nursing sessions. i have tried to keep it to one response- removal and a firm no. I tried alot of other things, and it seemed like it might be good to stick to one response- but so far, its still happening at least a couple times a day.
double post
(((((hugs, hugs hugs and more hugs))))) i have no advice, i love your willingness to do what needs to be done for your children ,but you need to take care of yourself too. I hope you find a solution soon.
First, hugs!! Congrats on reclaiming this territory in your life, you are more then a survivor, you are a beautiful, loving caring person who enriches the world around you. I am sure it will not be easy, but it sounds like you are thinking seriously about how to make it work, and that hopefully will help. WIC gave my friend a Medela Pump in Style (electric) when she went back school. For another friend they gave a Medela Hand Pump. the best bet might be to talk to them...
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