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Thanks for all the tips! I'll be watching and learning and i'll contribute if i try something and it works.
my husband worked on getting our beds into shape today- i've been sidelined with a combo sick and teething babe for the past few days- and a couple of days ago one of his co-workers came by and showed us around the property (it belongs to his nonprofit and she gardened here last year. Found out there is rhubarb and lots of flower bulbs coming up and she says somewhere along the back fence line there in asparagus- does anyone know what that would look like at this point in...
Hum, i have only grown lettuce once and it didn't get bitter- and it was in central asia, so i don't know how much help i can be-- several of the things i have seen say that you don't want it to bolt (flower) because it will get bitter after that. It doesn't sound like this is what happened, it was bitter before it flowered?
Those breathe right strips can be a lifesaver. My husband likes to be part of the family bed,, and when he starts snoring those things really help...getting him to use it can be more difficult at times though.
I;m going to try that with my seedlings since i am starting them late this year- hope to get to them in the next two days... I was in the grocery store (its a 1/2 hour way) and successfully resisted buying more seeds today.
Hi guys, i want to join too. I am a newbie to zone 4 and also to real gardening after ten years in apartments and moving at least every two years, often more. We have a house with three long raised beds that seem to have great soil. But we hope to be buying as early as this summer so i am trying to keep it simple (ha!). One thing, lasst week i was going to start my tomatoes and peppers and whatever else needed it and my husband told me he had volunteered us ( with 9 mo...
Ugh! hugs, i don't know for sure what you should do, my mil can get somewhat pushy about what i should do, so i just don't tell her most of my decisions. easier to do when you are hundreds of miles away.
yes, this our house too, wailing, tears, the works. i have been giving my 8mo son my cell and then he smeared it and his hands with poop and flipped over and took off, so now i am just wrestling him and trying to get it done.
I have the Robin Robertson book and i use it more for ideas then recipes. it calls for too many special ingredients not available or too expensive for me. Still I like it. I have tended to do soup, beans and cassarole type dishes, but lately have been using my homemade seitan to do do 'chicken' recipes i find for the slowcooker- did a sweet and curry seitan, bbq seitan, and if i can get the ingredients i want to do a slowcooker jerk seitan. My slowcooker is from...
Quote: Originally Posted by klt Hi Jildez, do you have a recipe for the burgers and kale chips? Sound delish! whoops! sorry- Kale chips are easy, wash and dry your kale, remove stalks if they are thick, toss with a little olive oil and spread on a baking sheet, then sprinkle with a little couse salt and bake on high heat for less then ten minutes until crisp. The burgers? hum, kind of a creation based on the seventh day wanut oat patty...
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