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I have not used Teaching Textbooks yet, but I recently ordered Teaching Textbooks 4 for my daughter to use next school year for 3rd grade. We did the placement test online to see what we needed and she was at the 4 level. I have done a bit of research on Teaching Textbooks and I have seen many people mention that it is a grade ahead by the number so you may want to try the placement testing to see which you need to buy. I am looking forward to using it as I have read...
Thanks for the suggerstions. It gives me some options to take a look at. I am open to any more suggetstions if anyone else wants to add anything.
I am rather new to homeschooling and while it is going well I feel I need a curriculum pack that will help me know what to do. I question myself every day if I am doing enough and if the children are learning enough. I would like to know if any of you ladies have any suggestions of curriculum packs that have a sort of a guide or instructions for the parent to go by? I am looking for next school year and it will be grades K and 3rd. TIA!
I'm glad to here you did call CPS....and you should be commended for looking out for this little girl in need
I agree that you did the right thing. I would be concerned as to what his motives are. If he want's a relationship with your daughter he needs to clear the air with you first.
I think it's a great idea....wish I had tought of it This will be the first year in many years that I don't have one young enough to pull the ornaments off the tree...infact last year the tree only had lights so my then 3 yr old wouldnt take everything off. It will be interesting to see how your sister feels when she has children
I just want to offer you some support and encouragment. I am on month 6 of a very similar situation as you....17 year marriage, physically abuse as well. It took me that long to grow a back bone but I'm so happy I took this giant step and pressed charges. The first month or so was horrible and I felt like my life was falling apart but eventually everything has fallen into place and I'm on a great journey moving up! I have had tremendous help from legal aid and will...
Quote: Originally Posted by Turtlecouple yeeahhh...I cringe when I think about some of the stuff I said pre-babies... same here...I was just having a discussion with older DS today about the things I didnt know when he and my DS16 were little.
I have 4 children...my oldest two are 14 months apart. They were 8 and 9 when we concieved our daughter and then went on to have one more son. My littles love the older kids so much and the older boys feel the same about the littles. They have a wonderful relationship with each other.
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