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um mmmm...congratulations?? It's really great news. How long have you been doing this protocal?
I'm loving the theoretical discussion. How common is it to have family members be the same color?  The boys and I are all red, which really resonates with me, although I do believe that DS2 was on the cusp of another color?  I am currently giving baby girl silica.  I am not convinced that it is her constitutional and am not fretting about it because I do believe that it is helping her, especially move past food reactions.  If it is her constitutional, that would mean...
  I do this and I've found those people have benefited but also my growth in energy medicine has grown greatly because of this.  I study much more actively this way.  
  I got chills, beautifully stated.  
good idea. I only have non edible sodium bentonite and that was a maybe. When I asked about edible clay, that was a yes. I planned on ordering some tonight or tomorrow. Maybe Chlobo has a tablespoon or two she can give me. . . . Off to ask.
I am loving this conversation. So what do we do for the Littles? ebf babies or older babies and toddlers who can't get clay into them? I doubled the baby probiotics. She is not miserable but I want to support her. She wanted to get to sleep but couldn't and her belly was a little grumbly. She hasn't (yet) pooped in 4 days. I do think thevprobiotics will help with this. I increased some cell salts: she badly needed mag phos and needed calf phos and bat phos (but...
good to know.  I just started giving baby girl pharmax baby at regular amounts.  I will continue moving up.  I want this baby to start pooping again.   the lactose doesn't seem to be bothering her.
well baby girl doesn't seem too reactive today so I'm going to give more  tomorrow.   which clay product would you rec, Panser?   http://www.greenclays.com/clay-supplements.php   oh and Im interested in the bowel nosodes after we get our results back.
ok I have a question, and could use some opinions.   The probiotics I have, baby pharmax, contains lactose.  I gave baby girl some yesterday and I see a splotch on her face.  She was fussy last night, but also has a head cold.   I am trying to decide if I should continue with these great, powerful and already purchased probiotics, or find something else.   I have a brand new nephew who a great potential for allergies, and I could pass the probiotics on to him...
yes - I think that is a good suggestion. . . got to get some clay first   argh  just gave baby girl some probiotics - HLC neonate from pharmax -- there is milk lactose in it.  well I'll see how she does now that she is no longer reacting to seeds. 
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