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Waratah Old Man Banksia Macrocarpa Combination Essences Emergency Combination Essences Purifying Tall Yellow Top Bush Iris Peach-Flowered Tea Tree She Oak Bottlebrush Paw Paw Fringed Violet Green Spinifex Boab Bush Fuchsia Dagger Hakea Little Flannel Flower   so that's it.  I'm looking forward to reading the book and getting deeper into these flowers and the other ones I haven't ordered.  The only descriptions I had to work with were...
I think you should decide TheLoose I am available at that time but can be available later
  ordered a bunch.  so excited.  I didn't get everything on my original list because the cost became too high, but I used my pendulum to decide what to get.   yeah!
in miasmic theory is cal carb in a different group than arnica?  thinking of DS2
  beautifully said
  Oh Chlobo  - you have done so much.  I understand your doubts.  But, be kind to yourself. 
emailing you now   eta:  thanks so much for being willing to order for us.  I forgot to add that in my email
need to order more cell salts. Carren will email my friend about the surgery.
can skype.. . .so if it is at 11 for pacific, that means it is 3 on the east coast, right?   my mom decided to retire after being fired from her job.  It is a good decision for her, but I'm concerned about our family.  She lives with us and i don't want her around that much.  Hopefully she will find some good activities for herself.
  I worry about my first in this way.  Is it just because he is my first?  He seems extra vulnerable to me, more so than my other two.  Maybe it is his emotional issues.  I'm having a hard time keeping is serotonin even and he is suffering (thus we all are) and that's been hard.  I think I need more help in the supps department with my family.  
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