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Hi Jamie   I am writing for my mom, Emmy   I lost my job on Tuesday.  During my recent reading with you, you mentioned a job in Home Care and Medical Support Store.  Although I have begun looking, I am feeling a bit worried.  I am looking up places in the phone book to begin my search, and am especially focused on places with doctors named Jack.   Can you give me more information on the process of finding my future jobs?   btw:  When I was let go, I was...
OT:  gulp. I was thinking it would be good to invest in autralian bush flower essences. thought maybe I would just get the set. . . gulp too much money.  I think I need to decide which ones would be important for my family.  If I do, I will use the FE thread.
  thanks.  I was thinking about baby girl, but also on a theoretical level too. The bolded makes sense.  Does taking arnica for baby and mom after birth, as you directed me, help with the above - help prevent issues?  Just asking for general understanding.   So far with silica, I am seeing that she is moving through reactions much more quickly, and they are far less intense. I don't know if I can expect a reduction in the number of food reactions she gets in the...
If you find a constitutional remedy for a newborn, do you think it is his or her true remedy?  since there aren't any layers to peel back?  or does the baby inherit some of the parents layers?
Yeah! New Year over here!!!! Hope to be on this thread more this year. 
ok a little admitting this with a newborn. Today, on an empty stomach, I poured myself a very scant half ounce of gin, with some passion fruit juice.  It was very yummy, and i drank it fast.  I was so buzzed that I wouldn't carry the baby, and my plans to pick up some diapers went out the window.  What a lesson for me.
Happy New Years!  here's to a year of peace, love, answers, doctors who listen and stress free food!
DS1 sobbed for 15 minutes today in the snow because he lost his perfectly made snowball.  Later he sobbed for 45 minutes remembering that sad, sad event. Think maybe something might be off? Maybe related to the fact I stopped all B12 on Dec 20th, the day we got his b12 blood results back and they were sky high.  New doc wanted me to stop.  He has been miserable for the past couple of days.  I keep on wondering if he has eaten an allergen, but I'm not sure.
Just popping in to say hi!  don't have time to say much   baby has blood in her poop, but  I think I know why.  will see.
  by dissolving in breastmilk, are you still getting the benefits of sucussing?  (how is that spelled?)  or is it the same as dry dosing?  
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