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I have a low mag three year old in the house. My ears are sore and he is driving me batty. I pulled out all dairy from myself a couple of weeks ago. More recently I tried to slightly reduce my sals. I have quickly been gaining weight the past two months, feeling uncomfortable and bloated. I was only intaking a tbl or two of raw kefir a few times a week, some kerrygold butter on other days, and sometimes an oz of raw cheese. I was trying to be really responsible and...
I was just about to ask you for an update. Wonderful wonderful news CS
Quote: Originally Posted by chlobo What about something mildly tacky for the key? Maybe some playdough dabbed with some glue? Or maybe a strong but slender magnet? Tweezers? excellent ideas -thank you Carren I just paid and posted in the ask the intuitive forum about our health (new spot here on MDC). I want to know if I am pursuing the right path. I've spent thousands on us, what's another $3?? Will post here what she says.
I have been on an intense health improving path for my boys and myself, both mental and physical, this past year. Through this journey I have learned a huge amount about health in general, nutritional therapy and some alternative therapies. The actual cost has been high. I have no regrets so far, the knowledge has been tremendous and powerful, but I am curious about if I should continue on this path. In terms of alternative therapy should I delve deeper into homeopathy...
wallet found!
I never thought of becoming a fan for news. Off to check out NPR
hugs JR
Quote: Originally Posted by dannic I have a sil who is very much this way...every little thing we do, health-wise is on such different planes, that sometimes it's hard to keep my perspective around her. It's the same with education, too, so we end up talking about a lot of nothing to keep from touching each other's nerves. T My SIL is a teacher, a very good one at that, and she has had a hard time with out homeschooling. A couple of years...
Oh Dannic sorry. Tough to do that while pregnant. Broke my key in my door (how do I get it out?), can't find my wallet, need to buy a new car, and questioning keeping my child care job. --- just needed to let it out. Certainly the 1 oz of wine I just had isn't helping me think clearly, just making me extremely woozy.
Quote: Originally Posted by JacquelineR if that's for me, thanks JR. It is really hard to hear, but she is not my baby and honestly her reactions are not extreme, so it is really not my place (this is my sil's baby not my brother's - she strongly doesn't like suggestions from DH and myself). Any maybe I am just a paranoid mama. Sometimes it is hard to keep a healthy perspective when you are so deep in the trenches. thanks CS and whome. It...
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