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Quote: Originally Posted by GreenGranolaMama My son is Rowan Other boys names I love are Jonas and Zephyr good luck! Heyyy, my son's name is Jonas Gabrielius Jonas is actually a very common, very traditional Lithuanian variant of John and is pronounced yawnas. I was surprised to see it mentioned here
Yassou mambera We are in a very similar situation, the minority languages being Greek and Lithuanian, and the majority language English. We also come across some words that don't have an equivalent in one or the other language (for example, there is no such thing as baby shower in LT and idk if there is in GR). But we have never really put much thought into the accent thing.... Now that you said that... Hmmm... I guess we pronounce the word the way it's supposed to be...
Hey there! We live in Myrtle beach, SC and to be honest, i hate it... I'm expecting my first baby now who is due in Februaray and I think this is not the best place to raise a kid. Same thing -big vacation spot with bunch of retirees and middle- aged people, while all the younger folks just come and go. I don't even have a single friend here- now that sucks (i've been living here 2.5 years now)! Oh and.. i terribly miss snow, especially during the holidays i can't...
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