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I can't think of a reason why his stbx needs to know any of this...definitely myob.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamazee At that age his caloric need might be increasing pretty rapidly, and I don't see much to satisfy his caloric and protein needs other than sugars. His instinct is going to be to get the calories he needs in the easiest way possible. The salami and cream cheese would have. I would have just packed that, some cheese, and some fruit. And if you don't want him to have treats so much then don't offer them to...
Quote: Originally Posted by JavaJunkie If you want to try a last-ditch effort, try drinking some coke. If that doesn't help dissolve it, nothing will. Good idea! Let us know how it turns out.
If you think it might still be there, maybe drinking some warm/hot like tea would help it to go down? Just a thought. I've been there with pills being stuck...it's awful!
I agree about trying to find another sleeping arrangement for you and your son for now. It's not your dh's fault but you do have to think of your son and he really shouldn't be witnessing this. You mentioned that you think your dh thinks you are over dramatizing what's happening - what if you set up a tape recorder at night? Not to make him feel bad but so that he can really understand what you are experiencing. It might make him realize that this is serious and he should...
Thank you so much for sharing that! What your husband said was beautiful.
I'm in! Hopefully I remember to come back and list what I got rid of. Didn't know about this challenge but I already did some... 5 pairs of outgrown/worn out shoes from the front hall ETA: I've been going crazy on the decluttering for the last hour or so 20 (or so) magazines returned to my moms 7 books I no longer want 1 board game returned to my sister box of misc. papers A good start for me already! 34/100
My guess would be that she has forgotten as well. I don't think I would have a problem giving the crayons a try - I honestly can't remember how old my kids were when they first started coloring though. The jello and whipped cream...I didn't have a problem with that in small doses. I used bath foam occasionally at that age as well. The only milestones with my kids that I really remember is the walking because dd started so early. And I remember when ds started because...
First you've got to tell us what REALLY happened! J/K... I'd tell people that you saw an old lady being mugged and when you tackled the guy, you're tooth got knocked out...then you look like a hero!
I probably would have called too. Individually, those things wouldn't have raised any flags but put all together...well that's a different story.
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