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Quote: Originally Posted by mtiger Ditto Ruthla, et al.Mine are 17 & 14. My 17yo dates, and I provide enough privacy for a kiss and a cuddle. In public parts of the house where I just may have errands to do from time to time. Unexpectedly. I'm sorry, but the bedrooms are off limits. My 14yo doesn't yet date, although she's had the opportunity. It won't be much different for her. Although I expect her older brother will provide less opportunity for...
Mine is hanging in a garment bag in my bedroom closet.
I wouldn't do it and I would refuse if someone offered. IMO it is stealing so it is definitely unethical.
I'm so sorry...hoping you find it soon.
Absolutely I would call the police...in fact we just did last week. There is a city park right across the street from us and there was a group of approx 20 -25 teens gathered in the parking lot and they were drinking and blaring one of the car stereos..and this was at midnight. We called the non-emergency number and the dispatch lady said we did the right thing by calling and not going over ourselves. The cops came and all but 7 scattered as soon as they saw the car....
We eat there because it is sooooo yummy! I'm not too bothered about whether or not its 'real' food...we don't eat it everyday so its not a big deal for us. McChicken and fries...YUMMY!!
I got one today too....stupidly I clicked it and then just deleted it instead of forwarding it to a mod...sorry about that. Running virus scan right now...
Lorna Agnes and Ethel Jean Dh's grandmothers are Doris and Elizabeth (dont' know middle names)
Oh my goodness I'm going through this same problem right now too! It is soooo hot with all this hair but I am basically lazy and don't want to spend a whole lot of time styling my hair either. I'd love to find a short cut that would work with my super thick hair but I could have nice looking in about the same amount of time it takes to throw it up in a ponytail. I'm planning on going on Thursday to get mine done so I will be paying attention to this thread for sure!
If they are going to school - no rent. If they are going to school AND working - no rent but don't expect any spending money from us. If they are NOT going to school - definitely they need to be working and paying rent....not a huge amount but just enough to help them learn that they need to 'pay their own way' and that they have responsibilities. Obviously there may be special circumstances where things would change but that is how things will work in general.
New Posts  All Forums: