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Great job! I need to find the floor in our master bedroom....using those pictures as motivation.
I so needed this thread right now....I'm in major need of de-cluttering and I am in the middle of painting the kitchen right now so it will really help.
that is nasty!!!!!
Yep I play with the kids all the time....and yes I do play after they go to bed too!
I have one....I like it because the strap is long enough so I can have it diagonally across my back (don't know quite how to say that but I hope you all understand ) When I get a new one I donate the old one.
My day off is Tuesdays. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I babysit my almost 2 yr old niece so obviously my day is pretty busy. Weekends are for dh and the kids. So Tuesday after the kids go to school and hubby goes to work, the day is mine. I sit on my butt and surf the net, watch movies or tv. Sometimes I go out for lunch, sometimes I have a nap...whatever I feel like doing. I kind of keep it a secret too.
Definitely go together...fried rice with a little bit of soya sauce - YUMMY!!
On schedule vaxing here. Except the chicken pox vax.
Honestly, I think these kids would be better off in foster care. I know she is your friend and this must be really hard to hear, but she has been through this before with CPS and it doesn't seem that she has learned anything at all. There is only so much you can do for someone who doesn't really want the help. I know you want to help her but you don't want to jeopardize your own health either.
NOT funny! In fact, I just think it is plain mean.
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