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Quote: Originally Posted by Heavenly Wow! Another person saying they would teach the friend how to delete the history. You know what? Parent how you want to parent but keep your nose out of how someone else chooses to parent. I am appalled! : :
Quote: Originally Posted by Irishmommy Correct her every single time. "Seamus. His name is Seamus. Please call him Seamus." So she can say it once, or hear it three time for every time she refuses. I agree with this...you're letting her know that you won't put up with her calling your dh 'the baby' or 'the boy' but at the same time you are keeping your cool and acting in a respectful manner which if nothing else will let your ds know that you...
I do a girl's night once a month or so. We go to one of our houses and watch movies. We all bring some kind of snack - sometimes with a theme but most often not. We watch 2 movies and just enjoy some time without the kids and hubbies. Dh usually works that night (does security at a club as a second job on weekends) so dd13 watches her brother. The kids enjoy it because I usually get them some chips and pop and they veg out in front of the gamecube all night I make sure...
What a horrible situation! I really hope you get your money back and I'll be waiting for the update.
My 13 yr dd's bedtime is 9:30 on school nights and no set bedtime on non-school nights. But even on non-school nights she has to be in her room at 11:00. She doesn't have to go to sleep, she can watch a movie or read a book or something, but after 11 is mom and dad time - otherwise we'd never get much time to ourselves.
Quote: Originally Posted by abimommy Just clean and weather appropriate. I have picked dd up from school a couple times and thought "What in the world is she wearing???" because dh had gotten her to school that morning. Yeah! I once picked dd up from school when she was 5. She was wearing bright pink pants and a flourescent ORANGE sweater! Yes dh had gotten her up and off to school that morning.
It wouldn't bother me in the least if someone did that at my house but I think doing it at another persons house with knowing how they would feel about it would be extremely rude. Don't know if that makes any sense but...
I just worry about them being clean. Ds is so picky so he always looks cool and dd is 13 so she is VERY particular about how she looks. I include being in good repair in with being clean. No major rips or anything like that - don't mind small ones but not big ones. Now that they are the ones who dress themselves and pick their clothes, I'm not really concerned about matching...they're expressing themselves so as long as their clothes aren't vulgar or what dh and I would...
Both dh and I have tattoos and both kids want one. We told them from the very beginning that we would never sign the consent form for them to get it. They can wait until they are of age. We have no problem with them getting a tattoo but if we don't sign then the decision is purely theirs and we believe they will consider it more deeply in that case.
We spent somewhere between $1500 and $2000 - can't remember the exact amount.
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