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Christmas - didn't even have to think about it
How rude! He asks her to take it down and she calls him a name and tells him to get over it?!?!?! Another vote here for complaining about it to MySpace!
Is your dh bothered by it? If he is then I would encourage him to request that they be taken down...if he doesn't really care, then I would probably leave it alone.
Quote: Originally Posted by mayasmama Am I the only one who does not like kids to play with my phone at all. I don't let my children play with my phone and I certainly would not let them play with a friends phone. I consider the pics and information on them private and not to be shared. You're not the only one. I don't let anyone play with my phone.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mahtob Well, it can't only be because of that because my mother also worked long hours and we were latchkey kids from childhood and I didn't have sex until marriage, and besides that, was almost never in trouble. To the OP: I don't know if you can get in trouble, but I would try to stop it happening. If you cannot trust your daughter to follow your instructions (which is a whole other problem), and you cannot require her to...
I agree....sending her to school was the right choice IMO. Maybe it will be a learning experience for her and she won't have this issue in the future.
I think you're consequenses for her actions are right on. I don't agree with the counselor that it would escalate things...I think it would be very important for your dd to deal with the consequence of having to face the kids she talked about, the fact that some of the kids MAY not know about it doesn't change the fact that it was done. I don't think your dd is a bad kid by any stretch of the imagination - just a completely normal one so you really need to nip this one in...
I'm so glad this was posted....I saw a pic on Perez but it looked fake so I wasn't sure...but now I guess it is true! I'd love to see them have a little boy. Shiloh is just so cute that I'd love to see what their genes can produce in a male form. They sure do have some beautiful children.
We have that issue with our dd. She's 13 and thinks that she should know what every phone conversation is about, who is on the phone etc... I usually tell her that unless I am speaking to her on the phone or about her on the phone, then it isn't any of her business. It gets extremely annoying to have to listen to her badgering me for information about things that had absolutely nothing to do with her. Especially when she knows that if it is something to do with her or...
I guess it was just a contagious laugh for me
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