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I watched this and was laughing so hard tears were running down my face and I was holding a pillow in front of my face so I wouldn't wake up the rest of the family!! Warning to the pregnant mamas....you might want to go to the bathroom first or you might just pee your pants. - well maybe that warning should go out to everyone! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4Y4keqTV6w
Quote: Originally Posted by Baby Makes 4 You guys can't use your bank card at Timmie's?! Bummer. I live less than a block from Tim Hortons and I use my bank card there almost every day. : I just used mine there the day before yesterday
Quote: Originally Posted by tofumama We call parmesan cheese 'sprinkle cheese', and all dressings, etc are 'dip'. We call it 'stinky cheese' Egg nog : Egg milk
Pynki - we use 'slickery' too! Crap dinner : Kraft dinner Crunchy soup : Ichiban soup Essie kiss : rubbing noses Rice-ah rice-ah : Rice Lover you : love you
error message here too!! :
© 2007 mothering.health-archive.org All Rights Reserved. This is what is at the very bottom of the page...interesting on how they have the word mothering in there isn't it? eta: just wanted to clarify...that is what is on the bottom of the page that is linked in the OP...if you go to the home page of the other site, the mothering part isn't there. And it seems to me that they've added the word Mothering to the name of the sight (on the main page at least) or was...
Quote: Originally Posted by hotmamacita something random laughup :
I love slushies
That's not offensive at all! I don't understand how anyone could think it was offensive...you don't even mention your MIL in your blog entry so how can she possible think it is offensive...maybe that's the problem? You didn't mention your visit with her in the entry??? I think it would be really weird to be offended if it WAS because you didn't mention her but I honestly can't think of any other reason she could possibly be offended by that.
I don't care if anyone, of any age wears any style of jeans...low rise, mom jeans, boot cut, tapered leg...whatever...wear whatever you want. Personally I very rarely wear jean because I don't find them comfortable at all.
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