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I have messaged the moderators several times about access and they never got back to me. I'm looking for other places for support for a UC. 
Slingmama I'm sorry you were blasted. That would make me gun shy too. I agree though that some of the post seem a little troll like, things just seem so different since I came back after my HBAC a couple years ago. It's disappointing. The unfortunate thing is that those of us who are looking for guidance and resources are left to try to find a support system that doesn't seem to exist anywhere. 
My SIL had a similar experience with her epidural for her c/s the first time. When she gave birth a second time and had a second c/s the epidural went in and worked without complications. I would be really hesitant to request general just because it puts the baby to sleep and the baby tends to be even less responsive after birth. The meds used for general anesthesia cross the placenta barrier and can pose some complications to baby that aren't seen with an epidural. Are...
I am 22 weeks and DH can just start to feel him move this week. :)
She said it way better than I did. But yeah that. 
Wow that was awesome! Congratulations!! So wonderful that you found supportive care providers and you believed in yourself. Wonderful!!
This would really upset. Unless you do everything else like your MIL, her experience shouldn't mean diddly squat. If your DH is willing to listen to her rather than you, I'd say there are other issues at hand here than just the fact that you're not feeling well. What is she going to say if you don't labor like she did or give birth like she did?    I agree with what the other posters have said, have him come to your next appointment (I would even call ahead of time...
Well here's the truth from a newcomer...  I put in my request to be in the "lounge" (as have several others) weeks ago  and no response. There don't seem to be many veterans here and there are no stickies to help with those newbie questions.    I am perfectly comfortable with the idea of a UC and thankfully so is DH, but I have questions about the logistics of some things. I'm a huge planner kind of person, I want to be prepared and I want DH to be prepared because...
Are you sure it's PUPPS? Typically that doesn't show up until much later in pregnancy. Have you had your liver enzymes checked? Dandelion root has been used by some with success. 
This. I had a loss at 14 weeks and at 15 weeks. They have never recommended I abstain from sex during pregnancy. I would imagine it's just "what they do". I'd say go for it. :)    They are going to be very "traditional" in their approach and perhaps not well studied in current research. I wouldn't accept anything just because they tell you, but make sure you are well educated too. 
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