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Congratulations! Welcome to our group and what a great Christmas present!!
Thanks for your responses! Doing the "oops it just came too fast" would be an option except for I'm sure that the OB would be pressuring to schedule a c/s by 39 weeks. I would really like to just not go back after 20 weeks or so. Can an OB turn you in for neglect or whatever for just not coming back? (I know pediatricians can do this if care has been established after birth and the parents don't follow up) My other thought was to just tell them I was moving after my...
So I am planning a HBA3C in August. I have found a midwife willing to attend my birth, but am wondering about those who chose or chose not to get congruent OB care. The OB I would see is an hour away (not at the hospital where I would transfer if it becomes necessary). The reason I won't see one here is quite frankly I don't like any of them. My midwife doesn't require me to get congruent care with an OB. The only real reason that we're considering it is because I...
Awesome news! Glad you get to have the birth you want!
Woohoo! That's such an awesome sound! I'm a whole 2 or so weeks behind you, but we have an early sono this next week. Hoping to at least see it then. Congratulations! Best.sound.ever. (next to babies crying, laughing, nursing, sighing...well you get the idea)
Welcome and congratulations! I too was/am part of another forum, but certainly feel much more accepted here.
Congrats! I'm planning a HBA3C this time around. FWIW the research I've done shows that as long as you have 18 months between surgery and your next birth your scar has more than enough time to heal. Hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months! Welcome!
I'm so sorry. ((HUGS!)) Keep us posted. That just sucks.
Quote: Originally Posted by MJB Why is that rude? This is our last, and I don't consider that private information. For years people have been asking if we're going to have a third, why not keep asking if we're going to have a fourth? I feel like being the last is kind of special. Because it's usually said with a hint of "don't you think this should be your last?" in their voice. My extended family does not typically have "large" families (ie...
Yep. I think it's totally rude to ask someone if you were trying/planning etc. Just like asking if this is going to be your last, which we heard after our 3rd (this is our 4th). I Quote: Originally Posted by birthdancedoula Totally rude. And one of the main reasons I am dreading announcing this pregnancy to folks. Announcing your 6th pregnancy is certainly not like announcing your first. I honesty don't get it, a baby is a baby,...
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