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I know there are several midwives who are willing to let a mom come labor there and give birth. But for us, it's not feasible right now. I have 4 little boys, and DH can't take off long periods of time to "wait". We're praying for the right provider for our family. :)   I have thought too about becoming a midwife. I am a nurse now and worked L&D before I started teaching. In a different season of life...it's my plan. 
Congratulations! It sounds wonderful. 
Here is the gentle birth formula I used.  http://www.mountainmeadowherbs.com/Gentle_Birth_p/g1030.htm
We just moved here a couple of months ago. We are in Ulysses. I hate that there are NO options. I have contacted everyone and no one is willing to drive this far for a homebirth. I hate not having options. 
I don't think you'll be in legal trouble. Midwives aren't licensed here, they are considered "alegal" from my understanding. I think you could call the midwife in Bird City and see what she says. Sorry. That's why our only real option is a UC. We plan on having a friend who has had their last 7 children at home, come here for an extra set of hands. I hate that there aren't more options here. 
Good luck. Sorry I can't be of more help. I'm in SW Kansas and can't find anyone who is willing to come here. Bird City is your closest bet. You could try SW corner of Nebraska, I've tried OK but no one there either. We're seriously considering doing a UC because I can't find anyone.    There are a couple midwives in south central Kansas who are willing to help you if you will come to them and birth at their home (which for a couple of them involves induction...a...
Can I just say "yeah that" to the PP? My husband has been a huge advocate for homebirth and he always seems to have the right thing to say at the right time while I tend to get really defensive and abrasive when my choices are questioned. :) I have no problem with men advocating, when we first started talking about homebirth with family and others he was really great at standing up and giving good information about why we chose what we did. And truthfully, the biggest...
It's been kind of funny for me. I had an unplanned UC in 2010 (and HBA3C) when my labor went so quickly the midwife didn't make it. It was fantastic!  Now I'm pregnant again, after two early second trimester losses, in a new location with virtually no options for VBAC. There aren't midwives willing to travel to me (the closest one is 4 hours away) and there are no docs willing to do a VBAC. The funny thing about it, is that my husband has been more supportive and more...
We just moved to the area, I'm looking for a VBAC friendly doc because I can't find a midwife who will come this far to do a homebirth (although we are considering a UC if we can't find anyone). I called the hospital and the nurses told me Dr. Knudsen does VBACs. I haven't made an appointment yet, but I thought I'd see if anyone had any experience. 
I am so sorry Olive. 
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