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As far as nursing bras, I have found Bravado works for me. Albeit, as a 42H, I am in the biggest size they offer. It's the XXXL in the "Original Nursing Bra" style. I wear that at home or out during the newborn stage. Later on, I switch to a regular bra from Lane Bryant.
I love this thread! DH and I are having such a hard time agreeing on a girl name. Some of our "maybes" are: Olivia Lucy Grace Lilly Maya We both love Luc Sebastian for a boy.
I just wanted to chime and say that I agree with blackbird2. My 4yo DD hit a spot a few months ago of unwanted/agressive touching while bfing. Being calm & consistent in my response seemed to do the trick. It can be hard sometimes, especially at nightime, after a long day. Hang in there, Momma!
I use the WomanLog Pregnancy app & I really like it. I haven't tried any others.
Me, me! I have only knitted simple projects (hats, scarves, etc) but my 1st project for this baby is a blanket. I plan to try some soakers and maybe some longies but I'm nervous to try.
I was so excited to hear about this!
GreekMomma / Laura, my EDD is 11/5 and I think this baby is a boy.
Hello everyone in MDC land! I am new to the community, but have been a Momma for over 6 years. I live in Oregon and am looking forward to meeting other parents on this site and sharing information.
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