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We have a 2011 Honda Fit and my husband needs to have the driver's seat all the way back when he is driving.  We have already ordered the CCO and a Radian R120 for the kiddos that should be arriving tomorrow.  I'll be able to monkey around with them and see which is the best arrangement.  I bet the baby will be behind the passenger in the CCO and my girl will be behind the driver, since the Radian can touch the driver's seat.  The CCO simply did not fit behind the driver...
Maedze- Thanks for the info on the seat.  I was able to test it out and it only fit on the passenger side.  You mentioned shorter infant bucket seats...could you tell me which brands are the shortest front to back that might fit our compact situation?
I have a tiny car/tall husband/2 RF situation going on and it was suggested to me on this forum that I look into a Combi Coccoro for our new baby that is due in a few months. My daughter will be 2 y 8 m when baby brother is born and I am hoping to fit a Radian/Diono behind the passenger seat for her, with a Coccoro behind the driver for baby.  I have never really heard of or seen a Coccoro before, but have read here that due to its wonderful compactness, it is not too...
My DD is not eating dairy, gluten, eggs, and peanuts.  This means we have been incorporating soy yogurt, edamame, and various other foods with soy as one of the ingredients (all organic, non-GMO of course).  I have heard from a few people that is not a good idea to eat too much soy, if any at all, due to the estrogenic properties, but I have yet to get a straight answer as to a "safe amount" or if there isn't a safe amount, or if we shouldn't eat it at all.  Do you limit...
It was a huge success!!!  My girl was able to climb in all by herself (a new thing for her) and excitedly exclaimed "I wide backferds!  I can see cars out the BIG window!" and on she went playing with her little phone and singing her nonsensical songs.  I am so glad all of you pushed me and prodded me to get her rear-facing again.  Thanks for helping to keep her safer for longer!
I am going to RF her anyway, regardless of her opinion.  I meant that comment more as "how is this going to go" instead of "will we do this."  I have a bit of a daredevil on my hands, so I am telling her not to do unsafe things all day long.     I do love the purple radian seat...I hope it is easy to clean.  The blue one looks a lot more wipe-able...   Thanks again!
Do you know why they are considered unsafe?
I just flipped my girl back around to RF again last night after some necessary husband convincing.  Now I am wondering if I should dig out the mirror I used when she was littler, or if none of you think it is really necessary at this age.  She might like to talk to herself and see more with it there.  Is there any reason not to use it? Thoughts?
Great news...we had a nice long talk last night about how he does research on some things and I do research on other things.  Once he really listened to my reasoning and the safety information and got past how it was an inconvenience, he was totally on board with flipping her around.  Hooray!  Now, we have to see if she is okay with it.      I have more questions that I will ask in another thread...thanks to all of you!
have you looked into Dr. Marie Wakefield? She is a midwife and ND, and I am pretty sure she will attend a twin homebirth.  I would give her a call.
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