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This may be a bit of a stretch, but after reading about how dangerous artificial prostaglandins are when used to induce a VBAC labor, is there anything to worry about with the prostaglandins that are naturally present in semen?  I am planning on asking my midwife this very question at my 18 week appt later this week, but I thought I would check here first to see if anyone knew anything about it.
Anyone out there with a coconut allergy?  What are the symptoms?  How soon do they show up? Did you have any testing done to confirm it, if that even exists?  As we are in the midst of an elimination diet to determine the cause of my daughter's eczema, chronic diarrhea, limited weight gain, and frequent night waking, we have been adding in coconut milk (she is now off dairy, eggs, wheat, spelt, soy, and peanuts).  She has been getting hives, her eczema flares up like...
We are in the midst of an elimination diet based in IGG testing a few weeks ago (no dairy, wheat, eggs, peanuts, or spelt) and my daughter's eczema initially cleared up really nicely after only 2 days.  It has been coming and going now for the past week, and according to the food/symptoms log I am keep for her, it seems to be flaring up after eating citrus fruits, apples, and berries.  It is strange, because no fruits showed up as reactive on the results.  I have read...
I am nearly 16 weeks pg with #2 and have had a sinus infection and/or productive chesty cough for almost the whole time so far.  Just this morning it morphed into a serious sinus congestion/cold thing that is driving me crazy.  I am up all night trying to breathe or cough or blow my nose and I just want to feel better for a change!  Can anyone recommend any good remedies (other than the Neti pot, I already do that daily) to clear my head and chest?   Thanks!    
The title of the post pretty much sums up the question.  We just got our allergy test results back and those four, plus spelt and apples are out.  We were an eggs and pancakes kind of family, so now I am feeling pretty stuck.   I appreciate any help you can offer.   Thanks!
My primary question is: do you anchor and tie the wrap above or below the belly?  What have you found to be the most comfortable for back carrying toddlers while pregnant?  The Ergo is no longer working for us for a variety of reasons, so I am wanting to try a wrap.   Thanks!
We had the very same result with our daughter at the 20 week scan.  She is 2 now and perfectly healthy, just to give you the end of the story first.  It was recommended to us that we have a repeat US at 34 weeks to check on it again, and it was still there.  The recommendation after that was to have an US on her kidneys when she was 1 week, 3 months, and 6 months old.  Our pediatrician wasn't at all concerned and said we could just do the 6 month US if we wanted.  But...
I am totally on the fence on this one.  I have come up with a thousand arguments for each and can't seem to decide.  I had a very intervention-heavy experience with my daughter, which leaves me with both a "no thank you hospital" and a "what if I need the hospital" feeling about the next baby's place of birth.   What are your thoughts?
I have a short luteal phase and found (after a lot of research) that vitamin B6 can help to correct it.  It worked when TTC my daughter (now almost 2 y.o.), but I unfortunately didn't write down how much of it I took and how long I took it.  I can't remember how long after a positive preg test you should take it, if at all, and if I tapered off the dose, or just stopped entirely.  Does anyone have any idea?     Thanks!   Whitney, mama to a very chatty little...
I am not pregnant yet, but hope to be soon, and will likely still be carrying/wearing my (now 21 month old) DD for a long while.  Is there a carrier that is remotely possible to use for back carrying a toddler while preggo?   I am also sort of looking for an excuse to buy a BBB Gypsy Mama wrap.  Would that work while pregnant?
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