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I think we have the same baby! My DD (same age as yours) rarely sleeps during the day unless I am wearing her in a sling or wrap and moving around. I had the same concern about swaddling affecting her hips, but was recently shown how to swaddle with the legs and hips free and it has made a big difference. She seems much more comfy in it. Here is a youtube video of how to do it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOnsKlluHIg I don't love it that she needs the swaddle...
Is anyone actually doing this? We found that our daughter slept much better on her tummy starting at 3 weeks (she is 11 weeks now) but went back to back sleeping with a swaddle 3 weeks ago following the advice of a well respected nurse in our area (and almost everyone else we know). She is in our bed right now, but could be in a pack and play in the room if that worked better. I find it awkward to nurse her in the swaddle, but will deal with it if that is...
So is the risk that she is sleeping so soundly that she wouldn't be aware of the bed hazards like pillows and blankets? I guess that makes sense. I am reluctant to give up the super long stretch of sleep, but I suppose un-swaddling might be worth a try again. Our room is way too small to side-car the crib, though that sounds like a good idea.
My little Dahlia is 11 wks old and has yet to sleep for longer than an hour on her back if she isn't swaddled. She is in our bed and will sleep for up to 7 hours if in the swaddle which is very nice. I read in the co-sleeping info section of the main Mothering webpage that it isn't safe to swaddle a baby if she is in the bed with you. Why is that? Should we be working towards longer sleep without the swaddle, or just leave her be? And how do you transition out of the...
Can anyone recommend a large capacity diaper pail for use with cloth diapers? We have been using the Diaper Champ, but it barely holds a small load of diapers and I have been doing laundry way too often.
How do you figure out if you have a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance? My 3 week old daughter has has green, watery, mucousy poop since halfway through week one and I have read that an imbalance can be the cause. Are there other ways to determine if this is the issue? And what do I do about it?
How do I figure out if I have a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance?
My EBF daughter is three weeks old and has had green (spinach colored), watery, mucousy poops since she was a week old. I am worried about dehydration, though she seems to have enough wet diapers to go along with the green poops. She doesn't seem to be bothered when she has a bowel movement, though she often seems to have to work at it to get the poops out. Is it something I am eating? What should I do?
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