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I also use health studies to throw at ignorant disclaimers, my latest find is that every additional month i bf (DS is almost 2) reduces my chances of developing diabetes. I had gestational diabetes and am right in line to get it with family history, so that shuts them up pretty quick. I also wasn't bf so I don't have much family support/ understanding but drunk men - you handled it superbly and if they feel bad about it afterwards, good!  
Thanks for your reply. I wish I could get him to sleep in our Beco and transfer but he awakens every time. Hopefully we'll figure it out.  
I'm in too! We are hopefully moving this year so we need to purge, declutter and save on moving expenses! 'Luck to all!
Will be in next week...this week is outta whack as it is having been away for the holidays for 3+ weeks! Starting fresh on Monday! Yay!
  wow. i'm inspired. i started doing the same and only made it through 2 shoe boxes and widdled them down to 1. i thought i was on the right track! must get at it again! thanks!    
I'm going a little nuts. Every time we go away (to visit family, which inevitably means overnights) our to-bed routine gets out of whack with our DS. I co-sleep when we are away, as we learnt early on the hard way that it wasn't going to happen any other way. However he sleeps in a crib at home. Before our latest holiday voyage, he was falling asleep on his own. Now he wants me to sing him to sleep. This has taken 30+ minutes the last few days. I am falling asleep and...
We can totally relate to all the above posts. I emailed my SIL last year as she wanted to buy DS a plastic swing/slide set for combo bday and xmas and politely explained that we don't want plastic toys, that we'd rather go the park to use a swing etc. and made specific suggestions about what to buy in the price range for the gift she had planned to get. We thought everyone was up to speed, but then when my DH built a sandbox, MIL arrived with plastic bags full of sandbox...
I am relieved to have found this tribe! We are a family of 3 + 2 four legged friends.  We live in a 1200 sq ft. house, which when we initially purchased seemed spatious to us (we moved from a small rented casita in Santa Fe, NM).  However, being closer to family, we 'inherited' lots of furniture, which we proceeded to fill with stuff we just don't want to deal with.  Until now. We want to move cities eventually, and rather than drag our now even larger load around the...
Thanks for the reassurance! My mother said my brother went through a 'vist all the bathrooms' stage...but I wasn't sure about this visit the bathroom six million times until I am flustered stage! I talked with him last night about letting me know at night when he wants to potty, and well, it seemed to have worked last night! One day at a time I guess... So this is all about having a todller...hmmm!
Here is our scenario: We are new to EC. We have a DS who is 22 months old. We mainly cloth diaper, but at 12 months he started hating being changed, so I bought him a potty. My DH thought I was nuts, but no harm in having it here, though every so often I tried to sit him on it and he wouldn't have it. Then I bought him the Once Upon a Potty Book. Fastforward to almost 19 months, during his usual naked time (after bath), he wants to and succeeds in using the potty. It...
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