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So, is the only issue really that the high fever from CP could cause sterility? Why isn't this an issue for girls and women? And my brother get fevers of 105. He did as a teen and an adult and he has several children. My son has been in puberty for a couple years now and I'm still just trying to figure out what the real worry is with CP. Is that it? Or is it really that it can truly harm you to have the virus as an adult? I do worry about getting him the shot because I...
I personally battle with chemical/fragrance allergies. I get the burning sinuses and eyes, I feel nauseous, I feel like I can't breath and cough a lot, sometimes it's asthma. I wish people would just stop wearing nasty chemical fragrances all the time. It smells awful and adverse reactions to them are common. I don't know what can help, but I wanted to just offer some support. I think just as all public places have become smoke-free (at least in CA) that eventually they...
I guess the title says it all. Antifungals have been tried but it always comes back. 
My elderly cat is microchipped but I got her that way as a kitten. I think I would adopt an animal who is microchipped but probably not actually get one microchipped again. It's too much of a risk for me already being so attached for years and then having something happen. Since we still can't say 100% for sure what caused the infection in my dog's spine, he still might not be okay.   I have always worried about a metal foreign object being permanently implanted in...
I also found this:    http://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/microchips-pet/
Nothing? Is it really that weird? lol
So, I did get him microchipped. A few days later though, he suddenly could not walk and I had to rush him to the animal ER three times. After lots of tests they could only guess that he seemed to have some kind of severe infection related to his spinal cord with no idea as to what caused it. He was put on an aggressive antibiotic ($200) and after a week of being scared to death my dog would die he has almost completely recovered. This is a dog who has been extremely...
I know that sounds strange but that's my daughter (not strange, but loving testing). Is there a way to do this while using the PSA? 
I have a dog who never has and never would run away and I really can't picture any kind of scenario where we would need this. A lot of people believe it's very important for  them to have a microchip though. I do worry about something implanted permanently under the skin too.    There is an opportunity for my dog to be microchiped for free and I'm not sure if I should take advantage of it. I'd appreciate any thoughts. 
Would the treatment for conjunctivitis in dogs be the same as the treatment for humans? I have no idea how he got this. It's mostly in one eye and it's goopy and is getting red. I'd appreciate any help. 
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