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Thanks for your reply. That is go to know that it can reverse itself. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your son. So sorry.
Okay, so he actually likes Ender's Game. Sorry I mispoke. He read teh whole thing today. The others he really didn't want to read though.
I'm sure this is a strange question, but I am reallly hoping there is some way this is true. I have been under extreme stress for the past several years and have started greying from it (even down below). Everyone, and I mean absolutely everyone in my family going as far back as I know has not started greying until twenty years later than this so I am positive it's from stress. I don't want to get into what I've been through but I did end up with PTSD from it and I'm...
This is so true and I know from personal experience.
Yeah, I know what you mean! lol   fruitful mom, that's pretty interesting. I can see how maybe holding off for a while to improve other areas could be a good thing but do they mean permanently?
"If the stories are fun and he enjoys them, why shouldn't he read 'younger'books now and then?"   Sorry I wasn't more clear. He had no interest in reading them. He would've read them a couple years ago, but he's maturing quickly these days (aka seriously becoming a man suddenly!) and (I hate when parents say this so I was trying to avoid saying it) he is two years ahead academically and really does need that extra (and more adult-minded) stimulation.   Now, I let...
  Can you tell me which book comes first in the series? My daughter (11 1/2) has read all the same books as my son (except Vampire Diaries!) and she is so into the dragon novels these days. She would love this series, I'm sure. Thanks. :)
The Frog and Toad series. My kids *loved* those at that age.
I got a couple of the books and they were too young for him. I guess what I'm looking for are books adults regularly read but that don't go to any extremes sex and violence-wise.
New Posts  All Forums: