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Well, I'm really glad to hear that at least you have that. How many yards does he have to stay away from you? Really find out what that distance is and looks like and believe me he will see if he can get away with it. You have to stay strong and report it so he knows he can't get away with harassing you. Did he finally stop calling you at least? 
Rockstarmom, so you have started "being intimate" again then? Can you tell me how that happened (going from a five year dry spell to a home run lol) and how it went for you? Had you kissed or made out with anyone in those five years? I am sometimes honestly overwhelmed by the fear that I will never have sex again. Really. And it is painful going so long, physically and emotionally. 
Yeah, I'm kind of done with this whole dry spell thing. 
To be honest, this doesn't sound like a guy you'll ever be able to count on for spousal support. Going bankrupt will not allow him to get out of child support obligations (though he will likely try to get out of those too). Best of luck. 
How are things going now?
The school said they don't need a letter saying I'm withdrawing her. She goes to school now in a different district than the one I live in (where we would be homeschooling). How does that affect things as far as the PSA goes?
Yes, I do think there will be new discoveries and awareness. I just look at how much things have changed in general over the past ten years, how much we know (or at least have realized we don't know) that we didn't, how many new things have become the norm for us, how many things we are working on. I absolutely feel that in only ten years we will look back and wonder how we could not have seen so many things (now) that then will be so clear and common sense. In twenty...
You sound really overwhelmed. And you say it's been uncomfortable and an unhappy thing for you from the very beginning? I'm sorry you are struggling so much with this. It sounds like you really know all the benefits too but I really wish it could be more pleasant for you. :(     You say your husband is worried about early weaning? I'm always happy to hear about partners who fully support breastfeeding, but do you feel like maybe he's putting too much pressure on you...
I CLWed all of my kids and am a big advocate of that. However, I think it is never in the mother or child's best interest to push it to the point you may start resenting your little one. If it's really hurting and aggravating you, I agree with the poster who said set some limits on it. Keeping busy so you don't just both end up sitting there on the couch with him pulling your shirt up because he has nothing else occupying him can help. Offering distractions at times you...
Yes, some lawyers stoop so low trying to scare you into doing whatever they want. Don't give in to it.    Document absolutely everything. I agree with saving each voicemail, email, etc. and also just writing down dates, times, and descriptions of things he is doing that are harassment. Filing for a restraining order is different from filing a police report for non-compliance with custody orders. I still urge you to file for a TRO. Him showing up like that is the...
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