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Hey there, any of you unschoolers in the northern MA area?  We are looking to hook up with a group.  I have 3 DD's ages 7, 5, and 2.  I have really had it w/traditional school and private school isn't an option.  Would really love some help!  Thanks!
I had that happen to me - twice!  yes, they give you exemption for one year.  good luck!
Hey there!  We are planning on unschooling/homeschooling.  I have 3 DD's ages 7, 5, and 2.  I'm looking for others in the Melrose, MA area.  Nearby towns are saugus, malden, wakefield, woburn.  Anyone have some advice? Thank you so much!!
Hey there!  So DH may have a super job opportunity in NJ - which would be so great - but I know nothing about the area.  We have 3 girls, one will be in 2nd grade, the other starting kindergarten and the other is not yet 2.  Any pointers? Thanks all!
Hey All! I just wanted to pop in and see if any of you out there are practicing unschooling/homeschooling and are in mass? We live just north of boston, i have 3DD, ages 6,4, and 1 and am making the leap to homeschool soon....I'd love to talk with anyone in the area...I'm a little afraid of not being able to find other children for the girls to do activities with! Thanks! Liz
No, you're not a bad mom for setting some limits. Keep in mind though that even at 14 months they do need to nurse a lot - mine both nursed about 6-8 times a day at that point, and sometimes they went through phases where they wanted it like a newborn. she also might just be really excited to be learning signs and getting a response to a request - it's something new for her and she's excited. i promise you at some point she will nurse less! good luck!
Quote: Originally Posted by pbjmama No your milk will not dry up in a weekend. I do have some advice for you - you may need to pump a little or hand express to avoid a plugged duct or similar issues. I know it does seem like a long time and probably doesn't seem like you have that much milk but please listen to me and be prepared just in case. Good advice, i can easily hand express on saturday. Thank you!
Quote: Originally Posted by beansmommy My understanding is that it takes at least 40 days for milk to "dry up" once full weaning is completed... I think you're fine going away for a weekend! You may have a supply dip, but resumption of normal nursing schedule should pick it right back up. If in doubt, eat some oatmeal and drink Mother's Milk tea or Fenugreek to boost supply when you get home... Enjoy your child-free weekend, mamma! Thanks, I...
Hello extended BF'ers, I need some help/advice. I have an almost two year old who is still nursing, i have NO desire to wean her but I've nursed her and her sister back to back and it's been FOUR years since i have had a night away from my kids and i think i need a little R&R sans children! My sister has offered me an opportunity to visit her for a weekend, so basically it's just one full day away from my DD> So will my milk dry up that fast? She normally nurses in the...
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