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we did a lot of talking about how she was a big girl and didn't need it anymore. we also had a special dinner to celebrate and she got to spend the night at my mom's for the first time. we had already gone to just nursing at bedtime. when we were doing that we talked about how she didn't need to nurse right now, and she would nurse at bedtime. some of it is going to depend on your child's personality how it works. some kids do better with gradual change, but DD does...
at that age you could also "clearly see a penis" on a girl though. genital differentiation isn't complete until 14-15 weeks. 
yes. 13 weeks is too soon. the sex organs have barely started differentiating, so it takes someone really well trained to be able to tell at this point. 
it sucks, because I normally love the way his skin smalls, but now I'm like "ew, get away from me"
I can't stand the way DH smells right now. 
my mom: 1st 8.5 hours, 2nd 4.5 hours, 3rd 2.5 hours, I don't know total time for the 4th, just that 2nd stage was too fast.  me : 1st 7.5 hours, 2nd 4.5 hours my sister: reached 10 cm in the same amount of time as my mom and I did with our firsts, pushed for 5.5 hours and had a csection because baby was posterior and didn't have her chin tucked. 
I try to stay lower impact because I have joint issues during pregnancy, walking, swimming, yoga, pilates... I also do squats, plank position (though eventually the belly starts getting in the way there). Just about anything works though. just stay away from anything that hurts too much and don't get overheated. later on you'll need to avoid anything were you're laying on your back for more than a few seconds, and possibly modify some things as your belly gets bigger. 
diaper services can be good or bad. some use large amounts of bleach, carting the diapers back and forth has a higher environmental cost, sometimes it ends up being close to as expensive as disposables, and since most only do pickup once a week your diaper pail will start to smell pretty bad. it all depends on what about cloth diapering is most important to you and how your service washes the diapers. 
the cost thing is huge fore us. especially with multiple kids in diapers. we did disposables until our first was 9 months, so poop in the washer was totally not an issue by that point. with disposables you end up with poop all over their clothes all the time. DD used to have at least one blowout a day. if it's really an issue, you could consider hand-washing or using a camp-style washer made of a bucket and plunger. 
LOL. my almost 3 year old is potty trained at home during the day, but I also have a 13 month old. I see changing lots of diapers in my future. 
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