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Daddy has caught both my babies. one hospital, one home. both times it was planned and discussed with my care provider in advance. it was pretty easy logistically, he was doing whatever I wanted at the time up until crowning, then moved to a position he could catch from. 
I'm lucky, cause my M/W comes to me. the kids just get to play as normal. 
with DD we didn't pick a name until after she was born, with DS we had his name picked before the 20 week u/s. I think I have a girl name for this one, but we haven't discussed it much yet, so it could change. pretty sure it's a girl, so I haven't even thought about boy names. 
12w3d, and felt flutters. 
have you talked to your last OB? sometimes even if they can't technically take you on because they aren't carrying malpractice insurance because they're not really practicing they can at least consult on your case, especially with a patient they might think needs their care over generic care. 
those honestly sound like food for the mom and dad, but something to talk to her about. The midwifes I had for my last birth asked that there was food in the house for everyone attending, including them, and specified that they were vegetarians. I ended up just having some vegetarian frozen meals in my freezer that they ended up not eating, but I ate afterword. for them it was to make sure no one was having a blood-sugar crash toward the end of a long labor if they ended...
I'm totally oily and pimply. 
it gets better. by the end of the first trimester most women are done with morning sickness and the exhaustion decreases after the first trimester is over too. after that you should be able to be more active again and build muscle back. for now, do what your body can handle and know that it won't last forever. 
talk to your care provider. find out if they gave the embryonic age or gestational age (gestational age counts the two week prior for conception). do this conversation with your s/o in the room if at all possible. if it still seems wildly off, ask for another sono with a different person reading it, or a second opinion on the one you already had. 
had my first sit-down with the m/w today, but she forgot her doppler, so we're doing that and filling out some forms next week. 
New Posts  All Forums: