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they also check your Iron levels, that one is pretty important and can be subject to change. 
I'll be 12 weeks on Saturday. seems like it's come so fast, but I haven't had many bad symptoms this time around. 
something I learned last pregnancy is that allergies can be worsened or crop up because of pregnancy hormones. I've been getting headaches if I cheat at all on wheat or eggs (both of which I'm allergic to). I also get headaches if I didn't sleep well or haven't been eating well or drinking enough water. 
I'm thinking Girl 
musts for my last birth were: a waterproof covering for the bed (most of my birth was on my bed, that's were my water broke) 2 sets of sheets (one for during, one for after. if you don't have two sets of sheets, you'll probably want another for after baby comes anyway. can't count the number of times we've had spit-up on our sheets and not been able to wash them in time to sleep again) chux pads (to try and catch most of the mess, both during the birth and after for...
personality and philosophy match are biggies for me. being comfortable talking to this person, knowing they are going to help you make the best decisions for you. knowing they will be as hands off or hands on as you need them to be during labor (hard to know ahead of time what you'll need, but maybe you have some idea of the birth you're picturing) 
I'm trying to decide birthpool or not. I have fast labors, so I'm afraid of it not getting set up in time to do anything, but having something that might slow labor down and make it less intense sounds nice. 
I tandem nursed my two that are 22 months apart. couple of things that made it work well for us: dad did the middle of the night wakings for my toddler starting in my 3rd trimester, each one had their own side, so DD wasn't worried about there not being milk because DS was nursing. when DD asked to nurse while DS was nursing I would tell her after he was done she could, and always followed through. DD always got to nurse as much as she wanted at bedtime. I think they're...
I was tandem nursing when I weaned my DD who was 32 months when we finished nursing. one thing that worked for us was first cutting down to just nursing at bedtime. when she asked to nurse I would say "you can nurse at night-night time, you don't need to nurse right now because you're a big girl" she still asked during the day for a couple of months, but would drop it pretty quick when I said that. after several months of nursing only at bedtime we got to the point where...
    with my second I only remembered my LMP within two weeks. so I just picked the date in the middle and calculated using that. when I had my 20 week u/s he was measuring about a week smaller, and ended up coming 10 days after the due-date looking to be about 40 weeks. my midwives knew that we didn't have great dates, so they just kind of used the range and it worked fine. due-dates only give you a month-long window anyway. 
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