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the plan right now is to do a heartbeat listen with doppler next week (I'll be 11 weeks) and have a u/s about a week later because I'm scared of twins and my m/w wants to check dates because I'm still breastfeeding. after that I think we'll just do fetoscope and the 20 week u/s (because I want to rule out any major defects since we're homebirthing)
adding: I won't use an expired carseat for this reason, but most don't expire for 5-6 years after manufacture, so if you bought it less than 3 years ago you should be okay for a while, if it's an infant seat then your new LO will probably outgrow it before it expires. we'll be using the infant seat we got for my DD 2.5 years ago, this will be the 4th baby that it's been used for. after we're done using it for this LO I think it will be time to destroy it though.     
this will be baby #3 in less than 4 years for me. I just got a double stroller, before that I would have DD in the stroller and wear DS. we need another carseat at some point, but I think we'll be getting a new one for DD as she's getting close to outgrowing hers, and passing hers down. We need to either figure out a way of cleaning the puke off the straps of the highchair we have sitting in the garage, or to get another highchair or booster. I'll also get the new one a...
I have two kids who are 22 months apart, and the younger one and the one in the belly will be about 19 months apart. 
we have one of each too, and I'm predicting girl. I had totally opposite pregnancies with my first two, and this one is exactly like my pregnancy with my daughter. 
urine smell: is it urine or ammonia they smell like? ammonia smell is usually from them not getting clean enough while being washed. often increasing detergent amount or adding water softener like Calgon or white king to the wash helps.    Newborn covers: I used Thirsties Duo size 1, which cover both newborn and small sizes. they fit DS for 7 months, and by the time he outgrow them he could fit even our largest OS covers. 
I have s full stash of newborn prefolds and covers, and I think I'll be getting some hand-me down fitteds from my sister, but I'm still itching to buy some more, because the newborn ones are just so tiny and cute. I still have my 12 month old in diapers full-time and my 35 month old for naps, bedtime, and when we leave the house. it's going to be a lot of diapers. 
there are studies showing that active management of 3rd stage has better outcome, but there are serious questions about how well done those studies are. and for what it's worth, I had one hospital birth with active management, one home-birth without. I bled considerably less, both right away and long term, without active management. 
belly is definitely poking out here. 9 and a half weeks. 
I just always had something. even my first pregnancy I started leaking colostrum at 10 weeks. with my second when I was still nursing my first I was never completely dry, but by 20 weeks had switched to just colostrum. 
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