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also a bacon cheeseburger. but Gluten-free means I can't cause no buns   I had been vegetarian for ten years when I got pregnant with my second, and I started really craving meant. I ended up weaning myself back on to meat. 
craving bready stuff, which means I have to bake it myself since I'm Gluten-free. I always eat pretty carb-heavy in the first trimester. I always have taste-aversions to most of my protein sources. 
I don't do epidural. I like to take the less risky option, and Epidural complications do happen, anything from drowsiness to headache (lasting a day to a year), and rarely permanent nerve damage. there are times when they're helpful, or even necessary, but I'm willing to go through pain for a few hours in order to not put myself or my baby at risk for other complications, even if they're rare, because I don't trust that I won't be the exception. 
I wanted to labor in my bathtub for part of my last labor, but it didn't work out, we didn't have enough hot water because I had been running laundry and the hot-water heater in our old apartment sucked, and things went really fast. 
I had a homebirth last time and planning on it this time too. The student midwife who ended up attending my last birth is certified in most states, but not ours yet, so I'm hoping she can finish her certification in time, but we'll see. if not I guess I'll probably use the midwives that I had last time, even though they aren't quite as good a fit. 
you can always fall back on "I already discussed this with my doctor he/she says it is fine"
carbs are just about all I eat at this point. I always have taste aversions to just about every protein source in the first trimester. 
third pregnancy, and I don't have many symptoms until 7-8 weeks. and first and third pregnancies morning sickness was gone after a week. 
exercise more. not have my MIL stay with us when she visits. I love the woman, but there was a point when she was visiting last time when she started driving me nuts. 
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