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I had some spotting at several points during my first pregnancy. as long as it's not heavy or bright red you should be fine. 
I nursed my first through the pregnancy of my second and tandem nursed for 10 months after that. I plan on nursing my second through this pregnancy and tandem nursing. I started getting braxton-hicks when nursing at about 10 weeks last time, but had zero complications and went past 41 weeks. I also get the same type of contractions after sex, it's actually caused by the same hormone, but don't stop that either. as long as you're not high risk for miscarriage or preterm...
I got my 12 year-old SIL cloth mentral pads, and after being used and washed the cotton velour looks like there was bleach splashed on it. Not all of them look like this, and mine have never done this. Any ideas why it would look like that?
baba. which I hate. it started out a-ba, but when I started working and she was getting bottles every day they melded together 
#1 3.5 months #2, tandem nursing with #1, still not here at 5 months. 
or dog-walker/pet sitter, you can wear the baby and take the kids with you if need be 
do what you can to boost your immune system, eat well, rest, exercise, a lot of people say upping your intake of fresh garlic can help. 
  side note on solids: some babies are perfectly happy not having solids before a year, some really want solids by 6 months, be open to listening to your baby's cues. 
my two are 22 months apart and we're 5 months in ti tandem nursing. It's not a cake walk, but at this point it's much easier than it was in the first couple months. I'm so happy I stuck it through, I still have all the benefits of nursing a toddler, emotional and physical, and while she sometimes still asks to nurse while the baby is nursing, she's now pretty good at sharing. also, both kids have posterior tongue-ties, so DD had a lot of weight gain issues, and by the...
if there is (I haven't researched it) the amount would wildly vary from mother to mother depending on how much Aluminum she takes in, strontium 90 would also depend on mother's exposure. 
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