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oh, wanted to add, even with my toddler nursing several times a day, DS only lost 3 oz, so obviously he was getting plenty of colostrum even without me restricting my toddler. 
yep. I constantly have a mountain of clean laundry waiting for attention. 
that reminds me, I'm supposed to be cleaning...
everyone's experience is going to be different, but here's mine: DD was 22 months when her brother was born, and nursed all through my pregnancy, several times a day. I produced quite a bit of colostrum, so didn't worry about when she nursed in relation to the baby before my milk came in, but you can either nurse the baby before nursing the toddler, or restrict the toddler to one side, completely banning your older nursling from seeing you for a few days would be really...
another blog about mentral cups http://menstrualcups.wordpress.com/ lots of pictures and comparisons. 
I don't know how well it would work for you, but my 2 year old often wears a tr-folded infant prefold or two with covers. 
that's really now what I'm looking for. we do not want to use a curriculum that's specifically christian, and want more than language arts (FIAR covers other subjects as well). I'm not really sure how you thought your post would be helpful as I was asking about a specific curriculum that you've never used?
I would say she may have PPD, and that because pumping is so stressful and keeping her from interacting which her baby it may not be worth it, babies need their mamas more than they need breastmilk. 
there are several in my home-school group that use it for their preschoolers and early elementary age kids and love it, but there's only a couple of older kids in my home-school group, and they use another curriculum. 
I'm about to start homeschooling my 12 year old SIL. she has been in public school, and will probably be returning to public school after a year or two. I was mostly un-schooled, but want to take a slightly more structured approach for her, but not a traditional curriculum. I'm attracted to the FIAR series, and have been thinking of using it for my own kids when they're old enough. so, would beyond FIAR work? if we do school 5 days a week, how long to get through a...
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