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I've always been pretty fast at resolving plugged ducts, but it sounds like you may have a plugged duct that still hasn't resolved. have you been able to do the warm compresses and massage yet? I would try doing that for a few days, and see if it's still like that. 
I think there's a problem in our society when the first 10-15 years when we are of child-bearing age it's super difficult to raise a child. our age of adulthood seems to keep getting higher and higher, and making things extremely difficult for those who would like to start their family earlier in their reproductive years. I don't think it's teen pregnancy that's the problem, I think it's that we have decided that people who are physically adults are not adults, and we...
Dawn plus hot water
we do time-outs only when DD is super upset with something and needs some space from the situation, though usually it means sitting on the couch with one of us or being held by one of us, so I guess most would call it a time-in?
no. there's still all the wonderful fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antibodies. all the health benefits increase for each year of nursing. formula is more easily digested after 6 months, so the gap between nutritionally does decrease, but there's still benefits to breastfeeding. 
she did decrease her solids intake for a while, but I found if I could get her to take solids she nursed less (less often and for shorter sessions)  
my two are 22 months apart, so my DD was a little older than yours. a few things worked for me, first was not nursing them at the same time. I would tell DD "brother's turn, you can have a turn when he's done" sometimes she would have a meltdown, but after a week or two she got the idea and stopped asking while he's nursing (I did follow through and give her a turn as soon as I could put her brother down). for a month or so I would have DF get her up and start feeding...
at this point, I would say "let's see if you still feel that way in 7 months" and leave it at that. DF thought that having our kids nursing as toddlers might be weird, but by the time we got there he didn't feel that way anymore. sometimes it's a lot different when it's your baby, because you still see them more as your baby than as a toddler, plus you get to see how much nursing still means to them. 
I think it's so dependent on the child and situation. my first night-weaned at 15 months, but wouldn't have so soon if I hadn't been pregnant and had almost no milk and we hadn't moved her to her own room. I definitely wouldn't have set out just to night-wean her at that age. I also think some kids need the comfort more, some need the nutrition more, some don't get enough time with mom during the day and make up for it at night (thinking when mom has to work full-time)....
I've been a SAHM with this baby, and I did introduce a bottle. he has had two practice bottles, one when I wanted to get pedicures with a friend, and one when DF and I went on our anniversary date. grand total of 4 bottles, but none were necessary (didn't have to get pedicures, could have taken him with me on our date, the other two were practice while I was home). 
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