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I don't think we've had more than 4 inches of snow on the ground at once yet. some years we get like 3 feet in two days, and some years we never have more than 4-5 inches on the ground at once. I'm hoping this year is one of the latter type. 
I've never seen a potty with a tray, and I think holding them in turns it into a battle (and it sounds like you're trying to prevent a battle) I think if they're in the right window when you introduce it they'll sit on it. if they refuse, you wait a week or two and offer again. (we had a two week potty-strike a month after introducing the potty, but then she went right back to sitting on it), 
I don't think anything is wrong, I think it's just her personality and age. mine would do the exact same thing, and even now at 19 months she sometimes has a hard time sitting still to nurse. it did help so have the same spot where we nursed all day (and only sat in to nurse) and I minimized things that might distract her. I also would hold her in a cradle hold and hold on to either her hands, feet, or head (whichever she was pushing or pulling with most). and it does...
sounds like you have a spirited toddler who's always going to do things in his own time. DD can be the same way, yesterday she kept trying to run down the hall at La Leche League. she was the only one out of the 6 or 7 toddlers there who even seemed to notice there was a door. my parents keep telling me "now you know what you put us through". 
I don't have a link to it, but there was a study done where they put a tooth in a cup of breastmilk and one in a cup of breastmilk with food. the one in plain breastmilk re-calcified, and the one in breastmilk with food decayed. so do try to clean the teeth before bed or after solids, but just night-nursing can actually improve a child's teeth. and the jaw development is good jaw development. it sounds like dentist is working with info that lumps bottle-feeding and...
I don't see any problem with either the paci or letting her suck on your partner's thumb or finger (as long as it's clean) (sucking on an adult's finger is often considered closer to sucking on a breast than sucking on a paci is). if you're more comfortable with the idea of a paci, then there's no huge harm in trying one.
I had to go grab my copy to look. They do talk about how to choose a birth place and about the safety of homebirth, but it's only a few of pages. my favorite part of the book is that they do have an entire chapter on the history of birth and different interventions. There is also the fact that the first chapter is Martha recounting her birth stories, and that chapter comes across as pretty pro homebirth. 
when I was pregnant with DD I debated for quite a few months if I wanted my mom present for the birth. eventually I decided that I didn't want her present. the big reason being that I knew if she was there I would feel inhibited. my mom is wonderful, and had 4 unmedicated births, two at home, but I'm a very private person, and I just didn't feel comfortable with anyone other than DF and medical professionals seeing me without clothes. I wouldn't even have medical...
yeah, I think between not feeling so great last night and waking up too early this morning, it was just not a good combo. things did start to go a lot better. I've decided I'm just not meant to be awake before 8 am right now. 
a word about the gDiaper inserts. we tried the flushables when DD was 9 months, and she spent about 8 hours in them (changed about every 2 hours) before they had rubbed her raw so that there was a few drops of blood when I wiped her girl parts. I found them to be a really harsh substance to have next to her skin. (they're only the slightest bit softer than printer paper)
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