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I have never flown with dd - I am too scared, but... she hates the carseat and I saw a tip here on MDC that has made our car trips somewhat more pleasant. Buy a magnadoodle (magnetic drawing board). No mess - they can erase and draw over and over and over again. I found a travel size that is very compact. We love it!
I have used Spectrum Spread (Omega-3 blend) as a butter-sub. Even successfully baked with it. Also a good source of Omega-3s.
Ooh, ooh - count me in - I wanna know too!
To the OP: I am not here to join the fracas - just to answer your question. I was very determined and very fortunate to make it to my goal of 1 year-no formula. I never supplemented, but I do have an educated friend who has supplemented with formula. She didn't have supply issues - she simply wanted a break. She is a very outgoing person and in her pre-baby life spent lots of time going out with friends and socializing. She doesn't much care for pumping (who...
My DD started drooling profusely at 3 months, but didn't get any teeth until 7 months. I have talked with many other moms whose babes also began drooling a lot at that age. My DDs pediatrician said it's the age when "their glands really get going" - hmm, how scientific! HTH!
Here's a good place to start researching: http://www.kellymom.com/parenting/sling.html I don't actually have a Maya Wrap, but (following the KellyMom links) I found a pattern and made a sling very similar to the Maya Wrap. I LOVE IT!!! It's very simple, very portable, very trim (no padding), and DD still fits at 13 months, 25 pounds - yep, she's a healthy BF babe! If you don't sew, I say go for a Maya Wrap.
Why not a Maya Wrap or a Maya Wrap-type? I have actually made several Maya Wrap-type slings for mainstream moms I know and they all seem to use them (at least sometimes). http://mayawrap.com/
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