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We have one car now. Not by choice, but because the other one died. It's not easy, but it will save us money soon. 
Do you have a weekly/monthly/general cleaning schedule? I feel like I could be so much more productive of my kids' nap time, but I need a schedule. What kind of cleaning needs to be done once a week, or twice a month, or every day? It also might get my kids more inclined to help if I had something written and posted up somewhere.    TIA! 
DS has had diarrhea for nearly a week now, coupled with very red and painful diaper rash. how long should i treat it at home before we go see a doctor? 
I'm in a similar boat. I've been looking for PT work-at-home jobs, but most I've come across has to do with selling or consulting. With both of those you have to buy your product and sell what you have, which I don't know if i'd be great at. I've looked for typing and transcription positions, so I can just stay at home and work, but they are scarce. So, i'm struggling too! 
That's a good point!  Energy is a good point, too. It's not easy being "on-call" 24/7 when the need arises and staying up for a 24+ hour birth. But as of now I have young kids, so me being away for extended periods of time just isn't possible. 
How old were you when you started being a Doula? I'm afraid if I start too young, I might not get hired by many people because I'm "too young." I was thinking it'd be more of a goal for in my 30's.
OH! This is me! We were planning a birth center birth with DS (#2) but ended up being transferred to a hospital. You can message me and then we can chat over email.  
Just a random question for anyone out there... how long did you get back to "regular" cycles after PP? I know it's different for every woman, but I can not remember how long it took with DD and now I'm on cycle #1 after DS and I'm wondering what it was like for some of you.  
DD (almost 3 yo) is a TERRIBLE SLEEPER!!!! She takes anywhere from 30 min to 2 hours to fall asleep at night, she typically wakes up in the middle of the night and VERY RARELY spends the whole night in her own bed. She's worse than the 5 month old next to our bed!! Has anyone used a chiropractor to help with sleeplessness? We've also tried Calms Forte and Melatonin, which aren't really doing the trick. Could an adjustment do the trick?? 
New Posts  All Forums: