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Wonderment off of Grand Ave MIGHT sell cloth diapers, but i know Peapods off of Snelling Ave does. i'd say your best bet is buying online, though. good luck!
this may be TMI, but hey, we're charting here!! when you first started charting, were you checking CP? do you/did you check it everyday? because i just recently starting CP and i'm not sure i can tell the difference between ovulation CP and regular CP. any tips?
i work with people who run this website, and you need to look at it. it gives a LOT of information- warning signs, what to watch out for, talking to you kid about sexual issues, everything. check it out! www.stopitnow.com
hello mama's! i'm wondering if anyone has tried temping while cosleeping, and how long they did it? DD is 10 months and has been cosleeping throughout that time. this is my 2nd cycle PP, and i'm wondering how accurate my temps are. DD still doesn't STTN, so often i'm awake and wrestling around in bed at 5am when i'm supposed to take my temp at 6:30, or i'll have to sit up with her for a bit in the middle of the night. how do you accurately temp while cosleeping?
hi! i'm new here, just discovered about this subforum from Diaperswappers, where i'm a frequent visitor/stalker! DH and i have been FAM-ing for about 2 years. we have a beautiful baby girl as a result of a failed barrier method! we're on Cycle #1 after having DD and am very eager to start charting again!! i'm also frantically looking for classes for FAM/NFP but can only find one website that lists the ones in my area (CCLI). anybody have any other suggestions??
i had an epi with my c/s. my story isn't as traumatic as some of yours, but it was pretty traumatic to me, especially when i go over and over and over it in my head as i mentally prepare for the next one. we started off with a complicated start to the pregnancy. by DH's and my calculations, we were due the middle-end of April 09, after our first prenatal visit the MW gave us April 15 and EDD, but still wanted an ultrasound to be sure. THAT said we were due March 31,...
hi!! i'm new to mothering.com, but am quickly getting settled. i'm wondering if anyone else is on Diaperswappers and what their screen name is. i'm newbiemama on DS.
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