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we're dealing with very similar transitions.   1) as far as getting her into her own bed, my advice is to try try and try again. and again and again. it took weeks of getting DD into her bed, patting her back to get her to stay asleep, taking her back out to rock, then putting her back in and patting to sleep. it was a looooooooooong process. but we just stuck with it, and kept trying. DD rarely spends all night in her bed, so when she wakes up from her big girl bed...
i'm in the same boat! 25 month old DD will go to sleep in her crinb, but always ends up with us in bed. she's always been a mover, but now she's turning into a KICKER and kicking me right in the belly! for us it was a slow transition to even get her in her own crib to begin with. first i would lay the mattress on the floor, then lay with her. then slowly we were able to get her to go in the crib very carefully and quietly. she's much better now, but we still have to be...
i think she'll be a teacher. she is bossy, she wants everyone to play games her way, she loves to read and read to her babies. she is very much a mother to her babies, she once gave the boy baby a time out and told him "no no!"   my mother and grandmother are teachers, so it's inevitable, right?
sounds like us! DD is 22 months and still in a crib, but we're preparing to switch to a toddler bed soon cuz #2 is due late Sept. no tips or advice, i just know that a friend of mine was able to transition her kid no problem.... but i don't know how!
http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/neighborhoods/longfellow_profile_home.asp   here's some info on it. Minneapolis is great for parks and fun stuff in every neighborhood. and if you're close to a biking trail then you're set! plus it's the Twins Cities, so you're only a short drive from just about anything!
ugh. we're in the exact same boat with our almost 2 year old. sometimes she just wakes up in the middle of the night, WIDE awake and wants to play. we still have no idea why or what is going on. we just let her play for a bit and then try to get her back to sleep.
wowzers. that doesn't leave much time for yourself! DD also is a constant sucker at night, but we've been able to get her a paci and she does fine. have you tried different types of pacifiers? the smaller nipple, larger nipple? one of those soothies? maybe it's the transition of nipple to paci that startles your kiddo awake. i'll take my nipple out with one finger and right away offer a paci and DD cries out a bit, but then falls back asleep.   also how are you...
so i have a two-parter question: 1) is screaming to sleep normal behavior? and 2) when to children start having nightmares? so, the most pressing and stressful question: is screaming to sleep normal behavior? DD is nearly 2 and she goes through stages where she just SCREAM to sleep. screams like we're toturing her, some screams i've never heard before. we still rock to sleep, and the last couple of night have been H*LL!!! she's screamed for 2 hours sometimes, off...
my almost 2 year old loves to draw (esp when i let her lay out all over the floor), play with her doll house, play with her babies, play with her kitchen or in our kitchen cupboards, and puzzles. all these keep her entertained for a while so i can either have a minute to myself, or play with her. we also go to story time at the library, which she LOVES!
i BF DD on demand, but i never force foods on a schedule. i make sure she gets all 3 meals, plus 3 snacks a day because i believe that's what is recommended. sometimes DD asks for snack, sometimes i just provide her with one. i never force her to eat meals, she's only 21 months and won't understand "you have to try your food before you leave the table" for a long time!!   i'm not sure why the book would distinct between BF and meals??
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