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PLUS think of how hard it would be on your daughter!! to go on such a long trip with her father, who she doesn't primarly live with, leave her mother, meet all kinds of strange people in a completely different enviornment. i think it would be emotionally very hard for her, especially at night. the trip can wait a few years.  
i haven't done any extended trips myself, but my biggest concerns would be: being away from a child that long; general safety of the trip (esp. since there was just a flash flood in Turkey); the logistics of the trip itself (flying, layovers, cabs, etc). i'm not sure if i would worry about the father abducting the child, but it's alwasy a possibility that the trip would get delayed/extended because "oh i just wanted one more week with her here".   i think she's just...
DD is 20 mo and still BF'ing 2-3 times a day, 2-3 times at night. i originally also thought i'd quit around 2, but i too am wiser now. i guess i believe in child-led weaning now. i think your LO will let you know when they're ready to be done with mommy's milk. sometimes i do refuse milk to DD if we're out in public or if it's too close to a meal time. but i also know much of it is comfort for her and she just wants to cuddle.
it takes at least 3-5 days to get a kiddo into a routine. sounds like yours was great at the night-time routine, so it will take a couple of hard, maybe screaming nights to get back into that. if your kiddo seems to be dragging or pretty lathergic in the late afternoon, i would lean towards giving a naptime again. typically toddlers sleep 1-3 hours in the afternoon. DD still takes naps, but i can always tell if they're at 12 or 2 based on her hyperness at night. and DD...
i agree with PP, it's probably teething. OR did you have some sort of huge enviornmental change recently? a move? a new pet? rearrange funiture? but again, i'd bet it's teething. and with that there's absolutely no discipline you can do that would be constructive. your LO is just wanting comfort and aide for the pain. try teething tablets, cold wash cloth, teething gel for a week or so to see if that makes any improvements in the clingyness.  
  i promised myself i never would, not until she was way older, but i let DD sit and watch TV the other day so i could get some cleaning done. for Christmas she got a Little People DVD that has 5 video clips that are about 4 min long. but still, ugh! sort of frustrating, but sort of funny, too.   the things you do to get through the day!!
i agree about the safety issue. that's my main concern. and we did spend a month in Jamaica before we got married, plus i've visited once before. the first time i visited the boy had just been taken from his home and he clinged to me and became my personal buddy, so i feel connected to him. but he's in an oprhanage where so many caregivers come and go, he can't remember them all. it is a very, very safe orphanage; privately-funded and Christian, which is important. the...
wow i am amazed this method has worked so well for some people. amazed!! i think if this is your primary prevention method, you just need to have the attitude that if you get pregnant, it's ok. we ended up with a suprise baby and now are so happy it happened that way.
he's overseas in Jamaica. i believe the parents rights have been terminated, but i'm not entirely sure. he's from an extremely physically and emotionally abusive home, he is special needs in that he's "delayed" compared to kids his age. he's been in this same orphanage since he left home, which was 5 years ago. i worry about bringing a 7 year old that will be very high-needs into a home of young children, worried if we can even handle it as parents.
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