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THIS IS EXACTLY WHERE I LIVE!!! (Mac-Groveland area) Small world!! I don't know too many specifics about charter schools, but there are at least 4 charter/magnet schools in the Mac-Groveland area. I loooooove our area, lots of parks and things to do with your kiddos, and it's a very family-friendly neighborhood!
we have 1 good friend-family that we see every so often. the mom and i get together for play dates about once a month. it's wonderful and encouraging to have a friends your age who are in the same stage of life as you. and recently we've been getting involved more with church and the young adults group have young kids so we spend time with them too. with church we probably see friends once a month, plus on sundays in the nursery!
my 18 mo old loves to toutre the cat, so often i say things throughout the day such as,   "do not jump on the cat" "please don't pull the cat's tail" "gentle touches, the kitty does not like to be slapped"   and, of course, "do not pick up the cat poop!!"
ditto. i've read the laws are they're not impossible, but can/could be tricky.
my long-term career goal is to get my Masters and become a therapist working with either special needs or teenage girls. short-term 5 year plan is to: quit my job buy a house buy a van have more kids consider homeschooling love life!
i would try to get together just you and your friend, no kids. i would try and see if there's any reason to try and save the friendship, if you two are really that close, and if you have enough in common to try and staying friends. if you get halfway through the dinner (or whatever) and think "what am i doing??" or if she won't let go of the stuff between hers and your kids... then forget it. maybe just let it dissolve.
DH and i combined went to 7 years of private college. ugh.
i'd spoil her and get a box of chocolates you're right it doesn't have to be anything extravagant. maybe a $5 gift card to a coffee shop.
everytime my coworkers have a party, it's at a bar or bar and grill. and i bring DD along. she's good natured and doesn't cause much noise, i don't even think twice about it. people generally love to see her and ask where she is if she's not there.
it could be allergies, it could be a flu, it could be a number of things. poor baby!! can you call some sort of nurse hotline? our hospital and some insurance companies offer a 24/7 nursing hotline and they cangive medical advice over the phone. better than calling the dr and getting a answering machine (although i've had to do that a couple of times). how many nights has it been like this? i would only let this go 2-3 nights, then i would take the LO in for a check up....
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