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It started with a slightly swollen right red eyelid 1 1/2 weeks ago. We took her to her ped and asked if it could be pink eye? He didn't see any signs of pink eye (her eye looked fine to him), but he thought since her eyelid was slightly swollen it could be a bug bite her a stye (but he couldn't see the stye). She was fine and her eye seemed to be getting better. Suddenly over night, she kept waking up saying that her left eye was hurting. When she woke up she couldn't...
Hi all,   I'm a bit confused. I got my results for progesterone... the nurses told me it is 0.9 and within normal range and shows I'm ovulating? My cycle is 21 days so I took my progesterone test 1 week and 2 days earlier than the 21 day cycle.   Isn't 0.9 level extremely low progesterone or am I thinking of a different reference range?
Thank you to both responses. My doctor wants me to get retested in a couple months for prolactin. If it's still elevated, he will order an MRI to rule out a tumor. I hope it's not a tumor. I will be getting my progesterone levels tested on day 21.   I stopped breastfeeding 2 years ago, but had a chemical pregnancy last year. Maybe it was due to high prolactin levels, but I never had my levels tested back then.
Hi   I'm 38 soon to be 39. I have two children, but want to try for one more before I get too old. I called the nurse this morning and she told me doctor will call me back later today to discuss my results:   FSH 11.8   Prolactin 37.9   Thyroid: 4.83   Fasting Glucose: 98   The blood work was taken on day 3 of my menstrual cycle. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks~   I forgot to mention my menstruation cycle is 21 days as opposed to...
Do vaccines really contain horse blood, rabbit brain and fetal tissue? Isn't that illegal? If this is true I am very shocked. I mean as far as human fetal tissue I can't even imagine. Cows get mad cow from eating brain tissues from their own kind and it's legal to inject fetal tissue into humans?
Hi   I'm not quite sure which category to post this question in, but I was wondering for any mothers who have taken baby aspirin daily while pregnant? Was your baby healthy? I've been taking baby aspirin for the past 2 weeks not realizing I may be pregnant,so I am a bit worried. Thank you.
Probably not. I never got the flu shot nor my kids, but my father-in-law got the nasal one (I believe) which was for H1N1. He started sneezing and coughing the next day and got my daughter sick and then she got me sick. To me it defeated the whole purpose of why he got it in the first place.   flu shots aren't effective for my mom either.
Would Salmon be ok for children? I am reluctant about giving my kids tuna too since there's so much controversy about it. But I'm thinking wild alaskan salmon is ok? Also, it's not just mercury I'm concerned about. Just toxins in general. I don't believe in shocking a developing immune system too soon. I don't remember getting vaccinated much as a child... never got the chicken pox vaccine or MMR but I do remember getting the polio one (oral and the shot in the arm).
So how would a vaccine be effective without any preservatives? Wouldn't it shorten the shelf life or potency of the vaccine? Are preservative free vaccines misleading... in other words, not really a clean vaccine because it contains other ingredients (msg, antibiotics etc.) not used as a preservative technically.   Preservative free just means no mercury or much less mercury but in reality there are still toxic ingredients? Sorry for sounding so clueless, I'm trying...
When they label the vaccine as preservative free, does it really mean no aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury or anything at all?? Are there flu shots that are completely preservative free?
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