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I also heard if mother had chickenpox she can pass the antibodies to her baby, but I cannot remember where I read that darn! But I did find an interesting article on chickenpox vaccine: http://www.compassionatesouls.com/chickenpox.html
Sometimes they will label their produce with plu codes (Not the bar code)- so if it is conventionally grown, the code will start with a 4 and may or may not use pesticides but most likely conventionally grown uses pesticides- if it starts with a 9 then it is organic and if it starts with an 8 it is gmo... but some don't have labels or plu so you won't know if it's gmo free or not. Wholefoods does carry more quality organic produce but it's not all organic so the consumer...
Thanks for the replies. That is interesting. I give her plain yogurt everyday though. Maybe she is eating too much? She hiccups once a day at least. It never really happened before. Also her lymph nodes are VERY SWOLLEN on the sides of her neck especially her right. She may be fighting a cold since I just caught a cold. She is active but cranky.
Hello I understand hiccups are normal for babies under 12 months, but lately my 24 month old have been getting hiccups daily one day it was like every hour. What could cause this? She seems cranky too. She puts her fingers in her mouth. She says boo boo. I think her 2 year molars are coming in but I dont feel or see them. I'm worried about the hiccups.
I exclusively breastfeed her, but she still got it. My 2 year old daughter never got it so I'm a bit confused.
Hi everyone For the past week I notice my left thumb will tremor after exertion. Like if I press my thumb down against the pad below my pinkie finger it quivers for a few seconds. It also gets stiff when I do that sort of like a charlie horse in my thumb. Any ladies experience this and what should I do? I'm getting worried it might be something serious.
Hello I cannot seem to find the search toolbar for community (forums).
Hi Any other mothers experience this? Twitching... it seems to happen a few minutes to 20 mintues after I breastfeed. My fingers are always pruny looking too. How much water should I be drinking. I feel like I'm drinking at least 3 large glasses a day.
No I am right handed and so is my husband. Our hair whorls are clockwise. My oldest seems to be right handed, but my youngest may be left handed. She reaches first with her left hand and she is 8 months so not sure if it's too soon to say.
I wasn't sure where to post it so I hope it's not off subject. I was wondeing what is the significance of hair whorl direction? It seems the most common is clockwise, but my two daughters have counterclockwise hair whorls? What could this mean? Thanks in advance
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