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Thank you so much for your reply. It's very informative. Well.. I do not chart my cervical fluid. All I know is that my period started May 21,2011 and then I noticed spotting (scant blood) on the 28th and on the 29th brownish discharge. It is now May 31st. So perhaps you are right... I think it's way too soon as well. But just in case, how soon can I take a pregnancy test to know for sure (the sensitive ones all say 4 days before my period). My period isn't due till two...
Well maybe I am. Just right now I had the brown mucous spotting that looks so similar to my previous pregnancies. If I am, I'm happy and so scared at the same time. This really wasn't planned. I mean I wanted to, but not this early. I was thinking later in the year. My dad just had a stroke so right now I'm on a roller coaster of emotions right now.
Hi   My husband and I had intercourse around or close to the last day of my period. 7 days later, after exercising I had some spotting. I never had this before. I have two toddlers already and experienced implantation bleeding with both. They were both mucousy texture though and happened around the time my period was due. In this instance, it happened 2 weeks before my period is due and not a mucous texture. Looks like blood (like the beginning of a period). So I'm...
Okinawans' traditional diet does consist of pork, vegetables, sea vegetables and fermented foods (tofu, pickled vegetables) They also enjoy goat meat. They have this dish that is made out of pork feet... it's quite delicious. They do remove some of the fat from the pork for certain dishes. They don't consume much dairy.
Hi   my niece was acting normal then out of nowhere she started to breathe rapidly like she was scared of something and then she turned pale and had a blank stare for a few minutes. She was staring at this one spot then she acted like nothing happened after that and is fine.
MMR can shed through stool. A mother, who has a son that received the MMR vaccine reacted poorly (she got an acute form of it which caused her to get MS). Her doctor thinks it's from the virus that shed into his stool and she was still changing his diapers during that time.
Hi   It's prescription based multivitamin drops with fluoride. Was wondering if anyone gives this to their children and see good results. I was also wanting to find out if the vitamins in this brand are synthetic or whole food based ? Thanks so much for reading!
Now I'm thinking it was a bad idea, because the room now smells like dirty socks. Even with ventilation the smells still lingers for a day now. I didn't realize I was supposed to use the white vinegar. What should I do now?
Is the Igenex test also called western blot test? My doctor just placed an order for me to have the western blot test but she said it's  a non specific test (not sure what that means) and results can be inconclusive.
So what kind of test should I get? My doctor already told me my test was negative, but after hearing that the test I took is not accurate- I don't know what to do. I don't have any symptoms btw, just concerned since I do remember getting bit by a dog tick when I was a teenager.   I took the B. BURGDORFERI AB, EIA test .  I took this test about 16 years after being bitten. May I ask what tests you took to confirm Lyme Disease and how many times did you test negative....
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