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I recently found out I am low on vitamin D and pretty sure I was vitamin D deficient while pregnant with her. She is pigeon toed (my husband is too so this must be genetic), but she also walks in a wide stance and looks bow legged... and it looks similar to that of rickets or blount's disease but I'm not totally sure. She is 18 months. Her pedi never mentioned it so I assume it's genetic or she'll grow out of it. But is there any sure way to know if she does or doesn't...
Thanks for the info. I had to google some more info and says it may increase chances of leukemia? What I need to ask is if my daughters were given the k shot at birth and they are 2.5 and 17 months now... are they safe from developing it from the k shot... would the risk of leukemia appeared earlier on in their lives? Or when could it possibly develop (years from now)? I'm just worried a bit but they are healthy so I'm trying not to.
Quote: Originally Posted by Holiztic Even the store-bought cage free organic stuff often smells before the sell by date, so take heart in that! Also (not to ruin your piece of mind) but all chicken is "natural hormone free". It is illegal to use hormones on chickens, and "natural" means absolutely nothing with chicken. The issues with chicken are what they are eating (ideally bugs, grass, organic feed) and how they live (ideally mostly outside, not...
I give them cod liver oil in their smoothie about once or twice a week and maybe once in awhile I will add a tsp of brewyer's yeast in their oatmeal. But I don't give them supplements everyday.
I personally don't like raw cookie dough, so I never had my daughters try it yet... their digestive system is still immature anyways so I don't think they'll handle raw cookie dough too well.
Yes I'm on it right now. I'm B+ so I can eat alot of dairy, but I can't eat chicken =(
I agree with the coconut oil. You got to apply it (i warmed it up a bit) several times a day. It may take up to a week or two but it works!
All interesting... I never knew much about this. My two daughters got the vitamin K shot when they were born... was it bad for them? How do doctors determine that babies need vitamin K shots in the first place? Did babies prior to the vitamin K shot era have clotting complications during delivery?
Hi I'm on my period and for the past 2 days my hands and arms and neck sometimes feel icy like I put on vicks vapor rub... you know that menthol sensation even though I did not apply anything on. Is this normal. I got this before while pregnant and it went away and now it's back so I'm wondering what is causing this sensation.
My daughter started preschool 3 months ago. Ever since her behavior has changed. She seems to be regressing. More clingy, more tantrums than ever and very needy and screaming for a very long time if she doesn't get her way. Before all this she was very independant. Now she's always asking for hugs and kisses and can't sleep without turning the vent on next to her room. I'm so exhausted. What should I do and is this normal? How long will this last?
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