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yes you can!
I soak my oatmeal and rice and beans. Also it's best to try to find grains as fresh as possible since they go rancid quick and release free radicals or store your grains in the fridge.
college students that live in a dorm are mostly at risk for it
Hi ladies, I wanted to grow some organic strawberries using the topsy turvy planter and was wondering where I can find organic strawberry seeds online. I tried googling, but I could not find any sites that sell them. If you know thank you in advance!
How much magnesium flakes should I use for a 1 and 2 year old (1 cup?) Thanks in advance. I just purchased some hoping that it will help with their eczema around their ankles.
Anyone give fermented cod liver oil to their children? For how long (everyday? months? years?) and what results have you seen as far as their health? Thanks in advance!
Is there a video that demonstrates this type of massage? What is this massage called?
My 1 year old has eczema around her ankles and parts of her legs and it's not going away. My 2 year old had the same problem, but grew out of it. I heard magnesium bath salts might help. Was wondering if any moms tried it and saw results? I plan of purchasing it in the near future, because I am getting desperate.
Quote: Originally Posted by puffnstuff nak it's only anecdotal, but i wasn't vaccinated and i never had pertussis (that i know of). i was at some point exposed to rubella, as shown by my awesome prenatal titers, but i never suffered from any awful disease. Yes I don't remember ever getting a rubella vaccination, but I also showed titers during my prenatal blood test! How is that possible?
I personally wouldn't only because I don't believe synthetic vitamins are healthy for anyone especially young children. Plus your body doesn't really absorb most of it anyways. Organic whole foods if possible (I know it's expensive) are better choices than synthetic vitamins unless your children are really nutritionally deprived.
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