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Coconut oil contains lauric acid which kills coated bad bacteria and not the beneficial bacteria in our stomachs... that is why it is effective in killing off yeast infections. Also, taking coconut oil on an empty stomach will cause bloating and gas... so it's best to mix it in with some food or use it for cooking (stir fry, saute, etc.)
My daughter is starting preschool in July. She got most vaccinations, but not the live ones like MMR and chickenpox and I do not plan on letting her get any. I live in Hawaii. Where do I start with an exemption for vaccinations? Do I pick up a form from her preschool or hospital? Thanks in advance!
I wish I had found this thread while pregnant. Yes I got those with my second pregnancy. They went away right after I gave birth. Never knew what caused them, but now I realize it was from the pregnancy. So weird!
oh yes I've been there. I nursed my older daughter (born February 2008) while pregnant(my second daugher born April 2009) until about she was 12 months (she just suddenly weaned herself- she didn't like the taste anymore). But I remember I used to get ocular migraines... so strange. Drink lots of water! Btw, what does DH, DS, DD stand for? I know it stands for our babies, but what exactly does it mean? Thanks in advance!
Congratulations! Quite an accomplishment!
wow congratulations! I just made it to one year with my second daughter (my first one weaned herself at 12 months). But I'm trying for 2 years but that would be great if I can make it to 3 years like you.
breastfed babies gain weight slower than formula fed babies, which is actually a good thing. Formula fed babies are usually bigger, but they are also more at risk for type 1 diabetes so try not to stress.
pardon my ignorance, but why is it more dangerous to contract the chickenpox in teen and adulthood? I got mine at around 7 years old, and my older sister who was in her 20s back then got it from me, but she seemed ok (well she did have lots of red bumps all over her face and real itchy, but nothing life threatening).
My 12 month old is only 17 pounds and 13 ounces and her weight fluctuates. I understand she is underweight. Is there a reason why doctors should be concerned? She is very active and happy. She seems to always be hungry though. I just started her on solids three times a day. Before that it was mainly breastmilk. She's gained 13 ounces since she started on solids.
My 12 month old is only 17 pounds and 13 ounces. Last month during her check up the doctor said she lost some weight. At that time she was 17 pounds. At twelve months I decided to feed her more solids instead of exclusive breastmilk and looks like she's gained 13 ounces. She is active and poops alot more now.
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