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I already 'liked' Mothering on Facebook, just now 'liked' VacciShield too!
I never knew there was a product like this. Thanks Mothering for letting us know and for the great opportunity to try it out!  
We don't keep regular soda in the house, but we do keep club soda - not for drinks, but for fizzy lemonade. My husband grew up on it and he loves it, not surprising that our 3-year-old has recently developed a taste for it. I don't say no because I know what is going in it since it's all homemade (except for the club soda) and I can control the salt.   I can see my family guzzling a lot of fizzy lemonade this summer! It's very refreshing!   Oh, and answering the...
I never felt pressured to start solids early but I did start them earlier than 6 months, at 5-1/2 months when my child showed interest in solid food.  
Hi all!   I'm looking for a preschool in the University area of Charlotte. Both Countryside Montessori and Piedmont Progressive were highly recommended. Does anyone here have any experience with vax exemptions at either of these schools?   Or any suggestions for other schools in the area that will accept exemptions?   Thanks in advance!
Dr. Badri Donthi Maruthi Pediatrics 3528 Davis Drive Morrisville, NC 27560 Tel: 919-462-6206   http://www.maruthipediatrics.com/   He was my son's pediatrician and he worked with us on a delayed vax schedule.
Adaline'sMama, is your DD going to be home-schooled? If she's going to go to regular school, is one dose of HiB and Prevnar enough to show that she has been vaxed? Won't the school ask her to become up-to-date?   I'm asking because my 2-yr-old DS has been selectively vaxed and I'd like to stop if one dose is enough for school records. TIA  
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