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I don't know what all you are in to with being AP, but there is a babywearing international group that meets in rockford,  http://bwiofncil.blogspot.com/   and there's a homebirth support group that meets near rockford.  Both could be a way to start connecting with like-minded families. There's a holistic moms network chapter in rockford, also.  I've found HMN to be a nice way to connect with other AP families.   don't have much insight into wher eto live in...
As to sexual harrassment from one child to another, at that age I would say not really. I would be inclined to think the Friend is modeling behavior that she has seen/heard/observed/experienced.   I'm not sure what you would say to the parent, but what you are reporting is all kinds of red flags to me. You could call CPS/DFC or whatever they are called in your state and ask , without actually doing any reporting, I think.    If you do talk to the parent, and try...
I've been leaning towards year-round schooling, with summer being a lighter schedule time.  I've been debating when I want to "officially" start this next school year.   It's kind of funny - I always was irritated with public schools that went year-round, because it made it hard to schedule summer camps and events geared at children.  But, as a homeschool parent, I want to school year-round so we have the flexibility to take off weeks at other times of the year.
I live out in the southwest suburbs.  There are several groups out this way that are non-religious.  Most are thru meetup.com.  I'm not familiar with groups closer in to the city, though.
Most homebirth midwives in Illinois are not licensed, and can be prosecuted for attending a birth.  There are a few CNMs who have homebirth practices, one in Peoria, which is I think the closest to you.   If you're on facebook, you could check out Illinois Friends of Midwives to connect with some other moms in the Springfield area.  Honestly, most of the moms I know from Springfield choose to birth unassisted, but I don't know if that's because they can't get a...
My first was long, second was superfast like yours, third was long.  I did a non-scientific poll of a group of friends - it was about half and half in terms of third birth being same/shorter vs longer than second.   I agree with wildcard.  
I haven't had any personal experience with her - I know she has a meet up group, or rather now a facebook group get together monthly - perhasp if you can connect with some of the families there you can get a sense of her?  
I'm so glad you were able to connect with someone.
As far as I know, no CNMs serve Urbana. I have some friends in the area who have home birthed. There's a homebirth support group that meets monthly, but you'll have a hard time getting anyone to give out names unless they've gotten to know you. Direct entry midwives are not alegal in Illinois. They serve women illegally.. the have been served cease and desist orders, arrested, prosecuted and found guilty of practicing medicine without a license. Homebirth is not illegal...
There is a birth group active in the area. Southern Illinois birth network. I'm from northern Il so i don't really know all the resources there. I've heard theres an ap group, LLL, ICAN down tht way. Connecting with any of thse could be a way of finding like minded mamas.
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