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Leah, I'm in Illinois and will be looking for insurance that would hopefully cover any future homebirth. Do you think that bcbs ppo is a good insurance in general? If you don't mind sharing, which me did you use that was in network?
I'm not aware of cnms that attended births in Dubuque. Depending on which state in te tristate you land in, there might be other options. Have you looked here? http://www.wisconsinguildofmidwives.org/find.html I don't know if any of them serve the area, though. There is a cnm. Illnois out of Rockford, but she only goes about 45 min from there.
The only legal mw I know in Peoria is brande ruskusky. I don't know if she takes on birth assistants. Have you tried to connect with any of the Illinois midwifery groups? Might start with illinoismidwifery.org.
I know this is an old thread, but in case anyone is still around and looking to get connected to the midwife licensure movement in Illinois:   Check out https://www.facebook.com/groups/351756698197588/ - this is the facebook group for Illinois Friends of Midwives.  We are actively looking for homebirth midwifery supporters who are ready to get involved in the effort to get CPMs legal in Illinois. This group would be a great way to learn how to take action when needed...
If you're on facebook, try connecting with the Illinois Friends of Midwives group.  It's private, so you'll have to ask to join, but you may be able to connect with some like-minded families in your area to see what resources are available.   Carrie  
I moved to this area nearly a year ago, and I feeling I've been having trouble connecting with like minded people. I hav connected with a few groups a little farther in to the city, but its a 45 min drive - a bit much with 3 littles. Anyone have groups out this way like holistic moms, or homebirth meetups? I'm even interested in hosting, but don't know who to connect with...
The best time is ASAP. sometimes it can take a while to locate a midwife for homebirth. Sometimes those midwives are booked up fast and early. I would suggest you continue care with your current doc while you investigate your options. Do lots of reading, interview a few homebirth midwives. You have time to make a decision, but, don't spend a lot of time delaying. Says she who didn't find a homebirth midwife until about 17 wks Carrie
I haven't been active in the dd club, but I've been lurking along:)   Wanted to share out girl Adelle Jane wasborn at home 11/19 at 12:57 pm. She was 8 lbs 4 pz 20.5 inches, same as her older sister :) it was a harder labor than my other two, but we got it done! Both older sibs saw the birth and were excited to be there. I guess showing them birth photos and videos and talking about it helped. Working on the birth story.   Carrie
I'm only getting just barely some signs (39+2) - looser bowels and stronger BH contx.  this is baby #3, and it's similar to what I've experienced with the other two.  I haven't lost any plug yet.  That'll be a better sign for me than most anything.  That and the nights of prelabor that keep me awake.  But that hasn't started yet :)
I'm not planning one, but my husband would much prefer a UC.  Our last was a planned homebirth/unplanned UC.  Labor was very fast, and in many ways I preferred it over our first birth. It was just me and DH, labor was pretty easy, no complications during birth/labor, but the membranes got hung up and once the MW got there (An hour after birth) she worked for quite a while to makes sure all of the membranes came out intact. So, while I like just us, doing our own thing,...
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